AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-03upstream: Allow ssh_config IdentityAgent directive to
2018-10-02upstream: mention for sending
2018-10-02only support SIGINFO on systems with SIGINFODamien Miller
2018-10-02upstream: Add server support for signalling sessions via the
2018-09-26upstream: remove big ugly TODO comment from start of file. Some
2018-09-26upstream: Document mux proxy mode; added by Markus in
2018-09-26upstream: s/process_mux_master/mux_master_process/ in mux
2018-09-22Remove unused variable in _ssh_compat_fflush.Darren Tucker
2018-09-22Import updated moduli.Darren Tucker
2018-09-21upstream: Allow ssh_config ForwardX11Timeout=0 to disable
2018-09-21upstream: when compiled with GSSAPI support, cache supported
2018-09-21upstream: In sshkey_in_file(), ignore keys that are considered
2018-09-21upstream: Treat connections with ProxyJump specified the same as
2018-09-21upstream: actually make CASignatureAlgorithms available as a
2018-09-21upstream: Import updated
2018-09-21upstream: reorder CASignatureAlgorithms, and add them to
2018-09-20upstream: fix "ssh -Q sig" to show correct signature algorithm
2018-09-20upstream: add CASignatureAlgorithms option for the client,
2018-09-20upstream: Add sshd_config CASignatureAlgorithms option to
2018-09-20upstream: Make "ssh-add -q" do what it says on the tin:
2018-09-20upstream: When choosing a prime from the moduli file,
2018-09-15Fix openssl-1.1 fallout for --without-openssl.Darren Tucker
2018-09-15add futex(2) syscall to seccomp sandboxDamien Miller
2018-09-15really add source for authopt_fuzz this timeDamien Miller
2018-09-15remove accidentally checked-in authopt_fuzz binaryDamien Miller
2018-09-14upstream: second try, deals properly with missing and
2018-09-14fuzzer harness for authorized_keys option parsingDamien Miller
2018-09-14upstream: revert following; deals badly with agent
2018-09-14upstream: garbage-collect moribund ssh_new_private()
2018-09-14upstream: Use consistent format in debug log for keys readied,
2018-09-14upstream: Fix warnings caused by user_from_uid() and group_from_gid()
2018-09-14allow SIGUSR1 as synonym for SIGINFODamien Miller
2018-09-13add compat headerDamien Miller
2018-09-13upstream: missed a bit of openssl-1.0.x API in this
2018-09-13upstream: use only openssl-1.1.x API here
2018-09-13adapt -portable to OpenSSL 1.1x APIDamien Miller
2018-09-13forgot to stage these test files in commit d70d061Damien Miller
2018-09-13upstream: hold our collective noses and use the openssl-1.1.x API
2018-09-12upstream: Include certs with multiple RSA signature variants
2018-09-12upstream: test revocation by explicit hash and by
2018-09-12upstream: s/sshkey_demote/sshkey_from_private/
2018-09-12delete the correct thing; kexfuzz binaryDamien Miller
2018-09-12upstream: fix edit mistake; spotted by
2018-09-12upstream: add SSH_ALLOWED_CA_SIGALGS - the default list
2018-09-12upstream: add sshkey_check_cert_sigtype() that checks
2018-09-12upstream: add cert->signature_type field and keep it in sync
2018-09-12upstream: Add "ssh -Q sig" to allow listing supported
2018-09-12upstream: allow key revocation by SHA256 hash and allow
2018-09-12upstream: log certificate fingerprint in
2018-09-09upstream: Add FALLTHROUGH comments where appropriate. Patch