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2001-09-12 - 2001/09/05 06:23:07Ben Lindstrom
[scp.1 sftp.1 ssh.1 ssh-agent.1 sshd.8 ssh-keygen.1 ssh-keyscan.1] avoid first person in manual pages
2001-09-12 - 2001/09/03 20:58:33Ben Lindstrom
[readconf.c readconf.h ssh.c] fatal() for nonexistent -Fssh_config. ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/31 11:46:39Ben Lindstrom
[sshconnect2.c] disable kbd-interactive if we don't get SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_INFO_REQUEST messages
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/30 22:22:32Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] do not pass pointers to longjmp; fix from
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/30 20:36:34Ben Lindstrom
[auth-options.c sshd.8] validate ports for permitopen key file option. add host/port alternative syntax for IPv6. ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/30 16:04:35Ben Lindstrom
[readconf.c ssh.1] validate ports for LocalForward/RemoteForward. add host/port alternative syntax for IPv6 (like -L/-R). ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/30 15:42:36Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1] add -D to synopsis line; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/29 23:39:40Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1 sshd.8] additional documentation for GatewayPorts; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/29 23:27:23Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.c] validate ports for -L/-R; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/29 23:13:10Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1 ssh.c] document -D and DynamicForward; ok markus
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/29 23:02:21Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] add text about -u0 preventing DNS requests; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/29 20:44:03Ben Lindstrom
[scp.c] clear the malloc'd buffer, otherwise source() will leak malloc'd memory; ok theo@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/28 15:39:48Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1 ssh.c] allow: ssh -F configfile host
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/28 09:51:26Ben Lindstrom
[readconf.c] don't set DynamicForward unless Host matches
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/27 22:02:13Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] fix memory fault if non-existent filename is given to the -f option ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/23 18:08:59Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-add.1 ssh-keyscan.1] minor cleanup
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/23 18:02:48Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-agent.1] fix usage; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/23 17:59:31Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.c] end request with 0, not NULL ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/22 17:45:16Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1] document cipher des for protocol 1; ok deraadt@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/22 16:30:02Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] no rexd; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/22 16:21:21Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1] hostname not optional; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/21 21:47:42Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1 sshd.8] minor typos and cleanup
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/17 18:59:47Ben Lindstrom
[servconf.h] typo in comment
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/16 20:14:57Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1 sshd.8] document case sensitivity for ssh, sshd and key file options and arguments; ok markus@
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/16 19:18:34Ben Lindstrom
[servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshd.8] deprecate CheckMail. ok markus@
2001-08-16 - (bal) QNX resync. OK tim@Ben Lindstrom
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/14 17:54:29Ben Lindstrom
[scp.1 sftp.1 ssh.1] consistent documentation and example of ``-o ssh_option'' for sftp and scp; document keyword=argument for ssh.
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/14 09:23:02Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1 sftp-int.c] "bye";
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/13 23:38:54Ben Lindstrom
[scp.c] don't need main prototype (also sync with rcp); ok markus@
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/11 22:51:27Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.c tildexpand.c] fix more paths beginning with "//"; <>. ok markus@
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/08 21:34:19Ben Lindstrom
[uidswap.c] undo last change; does not work for sshd
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/08 18:20:15Ben Lindstrom
[uidswap.c] permanently_set_uid is a noop if user is not privilegued; fixes bug on solaris; from
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/08 07:16:58Ben Lindstrom
[scp.1] when describing the -o option, give -o Protocol=1 as the specific example since we are SICK AND TIRED of clueless people who cannot have difficulty thinking on their own.
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/07 10:37:46Ben Lindstrom
[authfd.c authfd.h] extended failure messages from
2001-08-15 - (bal) Fixed stray code in readconf.c that went in by mistake.Ben Lindstrom
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) bsd-cray.c: more cleanup; ok wendyp@cray.comKevin Steves
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) bsd-cray.c: utmp strings are not C stringsKevin Steves
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) sshpty.c: return 0 on error in cray pty code;Kevin Steves
2001-08-14forgot thisKevin Steves
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) sshpty.c, cray.[ch]: whitespace, formatting and cleanupKevin Steves
for some #ifdef _CRAY code; ok
2001-08-12 - (djm) Fix detection of long long int support. Based on patch fromDamien Miller
Michael Stone <>. ok stevesk, tim
2001-08-09 - (bal) Minor correction to inet_ntop.h. _BSD_RRESVPORT_H should beBen Lindstrom
_BSD_INET_NTOP_H. Pointed out by Mark Miller <>
2001-08-07 - (tim) [ sshconnect.c openbsd-compat/Makefile.inTim Rice
openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h ] Add inet_ntop.c inet_ntop.h back in. Needed for sshconnect.c [sshconnect.c] fix INET6_ADDRSTRLEN for non IPv6 machines [] make tests with missing libraries fail patch by Wendy Palm <> Added openbsd-compat/bsd-cray.h. Selective patches from William L. Jones <>
2001-08-06 - (bal) Second around of UNICOS patches. A few other things left.Ben Lindstrom
Patches by William L. Jones <>
2001-08-06 - (bal) ssh-keyscan double -lssh hack due to seed_rng().Ben Lindstrom
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/06 19:47:05Ben Lindstrom
[scp.c] use alarm vs. setitimer for portable; ok markus@
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/05 23:29:58Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] make -t dsa work with commercial servers, too
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/05 23:18:20Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.1 ssh-keyscan.c] ssh 2 support; from
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/03 10:31:30Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keyscan.c] improve usage(). ok markus@
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/03 10:31:19Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-add.1] document smartcard options. ok markus@