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2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 17:27:25Ben Lindstrom
[authfd.h authfile.h auth.h auth-options.h bufaux.h buffer.h canohost.h channels.h cipher.h clientloop.h compat.h compress.h crc32.h deattack.h dh.h dispatch.h groupaccess.c groupaccess.h hostfile.h kex.h key.h log.c log.h mac.h misc.c misc.h mpaux.h packet.h radix.h readconf.h readpass.h rsa.h servconf.h serverloop.h session.h sftp-common.c sftp-common.h sftp-glob.h sftp-int.h sshconnect.h ssh-dss.h sshlogin.h sshpty.h ssh-rsa.h sshtty.h tildexpand.h uidswap.h uuencode.h xmalloc.h] remove comments from .h, since they are cut&paste from the .c files and out of sync
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 17:25:34Ben Lindstrom
[ssh.1] document SSH_ASKPASS; fubob@MIT.EDU
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 16:15:25Ben Lindstrom
[auth1.c auth.h auth-krb4.c auth-passwd.c readconf.c readconf.h servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshconnect1.c sshd.c] Kerberos v5 support for SSH1, mostly from Assar Westerlund <> and Bjorn Gronvall <>. markus@ ok
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 06:33:07Ben Lindstrom
[servconf.h serverloop.h session.h sftp-client.h sftp-common.h sftp-glob.h sftp-int.h sshconnect.h ssh-dss.h sshlogin.h sshpty.h ssh-rsa.h tildexpand.h uidswap.h uuencode.h xmalloc.h] prototype pedant. not very creative... - () -> (void) - no variable names
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 06:32:58Ben Lindstrom
[atomicio.h authfd.h authfile.h auth.h auth-options.h bufaux.h buffer.h canohost.h channels.h cipher.h clientloop.h compat.h compress.h crc32.h deattack.h dh.h dispatch.h groupaccess.h hostfile.h kex.h key.h log.h mac.h match.h misc.h mpaux.h packet.h radix.h readconf.h readpass.h rsa.h] prototype pedant. not very creative... - () -> (void) - no variable names
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 05:50:11Ben Lindstrom
[auth2.c] new interface for secure_filename()
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 05:48:07Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] remove unnecessary .Pp between .It; millert@ ok
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 05:33:34Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-agent.c] more smartcard support.
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 05:07:43Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-agent.c] update usage
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 04:59:59Ben Lindstrom
[authfd.c authfd.h ssh-add.c] initial support for smartcards in the agent
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 04:07:06Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-agent.1 ssh-agent.c] add debug flag
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/26 02:47:07Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.c] allow loading a private RSA key to a cyberflex card.
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/25 20:26:37Ben Lindstrom
[auth2.c sshconnect2.c] prototype cleanup; ok markus@
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/25 17:54:47Ben Lindstrom
[auth.c auth.h auth-rsa.c] terminate secure_filename checking after checking homedir. that way it works on AFS. okay markus@
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/25 17:18:27Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.1] sshd(8) will never read the private keys, but ssh(1) does;
2001-07-04 - 2001/06/25 08:25:41Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h cipher.c clientloop.c compat.c compat.h hostfile.c kex.c kex.h key.c key.h nchan.c packet.c serverloop.c session.c session.h sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c uuencode.h] update copyright for 2001
2001-06-29 - (stevesk) remove cli.[ch]Kevin Steves
2001-06-29 - (stevesk) session.c: use u_int for envsizeKevin Steves
2001-06-29 - (stevesk) remove _REENTRANT #defineKevin Steves
2001-06-29 - (bal) Updated zlib's home. Thanks to David Howe <>.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-29 - (bal) Fixed _DISABLE_VPOSIX in readpassphrase.c.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-29 - (bal) Removed net_aton() since we don't use it any moreBen Lindstrom
2001-06-28You know I really should wake up. <sigh> Stop those 3 files from files fromBen Lindstrom
being compiled since we removed them. =)
2001-06-28 - (bal) Remove getusershell() since it's no longer useBen Lindstrom
2001-06-28 - (bal) Removed strtok_r and inet_ntop since they are no longer used.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-28 - (djm) Fix from Lutz Jaenicke <Lutz.Jaenicke@aet.TU-Cottbus.DE> for myDamien Miller
broken makefile
2001-06-2820010628Damien Miller
- (djm) Sync openbsd-compat with -current libc
2001-06-28 - (stevesk) use X/Open socket interface for HP-UX 10.X alsoKevin Steves
2001-06-28 - (stevesk) fix x11 forwarding from _PATH_XAUTH changeKevin Steves
2001-06-27 - (stevesk) for HP-UX 11.X use X/Open socket interface;Kevin Steves
pulls in modern socket prototypes and eliminates a number of compiler warnings. see xopen_networking(7).
2001-06-27 - (djm) Fix a few warnings the above turned upDamien Miller
2001-06-27 - (djm) Turn up warnings if gcc or egcs detectedDamien Miller
2001-06-27 - (djm) Sync with -current openbsd-compat/readpassphrase.c:Damien Miller
- 2001/06/27 13:23:30 typo, spotted by Tom Holroyd <>; ok deraadt@
2001-06-27 - (djm) Oops, forgot make logic for primes=>moduli. Also try to renameDamien Miller
existing primes->moduli if it exists.
2001-06-27 - (djm) Rename sysconfdir/primes => sysconfdir/moduliDamien Miller
2001-06-27 - (djm) Remove redundant and incorrect test for max auth attempts inDamien Miller
PAM kbdint code. Based on fix from Matthew Melvin <>
2001-06-27 - (djm) Reintroduce pam_session call for non-pty sessions.Damien Miller
2001-06-25 - (djm) Bring in readpassphrase() from OpenBSD libc. Compiles OK on Linux andDamien Miller
2001-06-25-WallDamien Miller
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/24 17:18:31Ben Lindstrom
[ttymodes.c] passing modes works fine: debug2->3
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/24 05:47:13Ben Lindstrom
[sshconnect2.c] oops, missing format string
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/24 05:35:33Ben Lindstrom
[readpass.c readpass.h ssh-add.c sshconnect2.c ssh-keygen.c] switch to readpassphrase(3) 2.7/8-stable needs readpassphrase.[ch] from libc
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/24 05:25:10Ben Lindstrom
[auth-options.c match.c match.h] move ip+hostname check to match.c
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 22:37:46Ben Lindstrom
[sshconnect1.c] consistent with ssh2: skip key if empty passphrase is entered, retry num_of_passwd_prompt times if passphrase is wrong. ok fgsch@
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 19:12:43Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.c] pidfile/sigterm race;
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 17:48:18Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1 ssh.1 sshd.8 ssh-keyscan.1] kill whitespace at EOL.
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 17:05:22Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.c] fix import for (broken?) private keys (i tested > 1000 RSA keys)
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 15:12:20Ben Lindstrom
[auth1.c auth2.c auth2-chall.c authfd.c authfile.c auth-rhosts.c canohost.c channels.c cipher.c clientloop.c deattack.c dh.c hostfile.c kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c key.c nchan.c packet.c radix.c readpass.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-glob.c sftp-int.c sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshconnect.c sshd.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] more strict prototypes. raise warning level in markus ok'ed TODO; cleanup headers
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 06:41:10Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.c] try to decode ssh-3.0.0 private rsa keys (allow migration to openssh, not vice versa), #910
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 05:57:09Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1 sftp-server.8 ssh-keygen.1] ok, tmac is now fixed