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2001-06-25 - 2001/06/21 21:08:25Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] don't reset forced_command (we allow multiple login shells in ssh2);
2001-06-22 - (stevesk) handle systems without pw_expire and pw_change.Kevin Steves
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/20 13:56:39Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h clientloop.c packet.c serverloop.c] move from channel_stop_listening to channel_free_all, call channel_free_all before calling waitpid() in serverloop. fixes the utmp handling; report from Lutz.Jaenicke@aet.TU-Cottbus.DE
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/19 15:40:45Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] allocate and free at the same level.
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/19 14:09:45Ben Lindstrom
[session.c sshd.8] disable x11-fwd if use_login is enabled; from
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/19 12:34:09Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] cleanup forced command handling, from
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/16 08:58:34Ben Lindstrom
[misc.c] copy pw_expire and pw_change, too.
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/16 08:57:35Ben Lindstrom
[scp.c] no stdio or exit() in signal handlers.
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/16 08:50:39Ben Lindstrom
[channels.h] bad //-style comment; thx to
2001-06-21 - 2001/06/16 08:49:38Ben Lindstrom
[misc.c] typo;
2001-06-15 - (stevesk) update TODO: STREAMS pty systems don't call vhangup() nowKevin Steves
2001-06-15 - (stevesk) don't set SA_RESTART and set SIGCHLD to SIG_DFLKevin Steves
around grantpt().
2001-06-13 - OpenBSD CVS SyncBen Lindstrom
- 2001/06/13 09:10:31 [session.c] typo, use pid not s->pid,
2001-06-13 - 2001/06/12 21:30:57Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] unused
2001-06-13 - 2001/06/12 21:21:29Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] remove xauth-cookie-in-tmp handling. use default $XAUTHORITY, since we do already trust $HOME/.ssh you can use .ssh/sshrc and .ssh/environment if you want to customize the location of the xauth cookies
2001-06-13 - 2001/06/12 16:11:26Ben Lindstrom
[packet.c] do not log() packet_set_maxsize
2001-06-13 - 2001/06/12 16:10:38Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] merge ssh1/ssh2 tty msg parse and alloc code
2001-06-13 - 2001/06/12 10:58:29Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] merge session_free into session_close() merge pty_cleanup_proc into session_pty_cleanup()
2001-06-12 - 2001/06/11 16:04:38Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] typo;
2001-06-12 - 2001/06/11 10:18:24Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] reset pointer to NULL after xfree(); report from
2001-06-12 - scp.c ID update (upstream synced vfsprintf() from us)Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-12 - 2001/06/10 11:29:20Ben Lindstrom
[dispatch.c] we support rekeying protocol errors are fatal.
2001-06-10 - (bal) Fixed so that 'configure; make install' works.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-10 - (bal) Handle broken krb4 issues on Solaris with multiple defined u_*_tBen Lindstrom
types. Patch by Jan IVEN <>
2001-06-10 - (bal) NeXT/MacOS X lack libgen.h and dirname(). Patch by Mark MillerBen Lindstrom
2001-06-10 - (bal) Missed two files in major resync. auth-bsdauth.c and auth-skey.cBen Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - (bal) --with-catman should be --with-mantype patch by DaveBen Lindstrom
Dykstra <>
2001-06-09 - (bal) ANSIify strmode()Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - (bal) fix for Tru64 (forgeting to reset $LIB)Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/08 15:25:40Ben Lindstrom
[includes.h pathnames.h readconf.c servconf.c] move the path for xauth to pathnames.h
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/07 22:25:02Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] don't overwrite errno delay deletion of the xauth cookie
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/07 20:23:05Ben Lindstrom
[authfd.c authfile.c channels.c kexdh.c kexgex.c packet.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c] use xxx_put_cstring()
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/07 19:57:53Ben Lindstrom
[auth2.c] style is used for bsdauth. disconnect on user/service change (ietf-drafts)
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/06 23:19:35Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-add.c] remove debug message;
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/06 23:13:54Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-dss.c ssh-rsa.c] cleanup, remove old code
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/05 16:46:19Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] let session_close() delete the pty. deny x11fwd if xauthfile is set.
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/05 10:24:32Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c] don't delete the auth socket in channel_stop_listening() auth_sock_cleanup_proc() will take care of this.
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/05 05:05:39Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.1 ssh-keyscan.c] License clarification from David Mazieres, ok deraadt@
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/04 23:16:16Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] merge ssh1/2 x11-fwd setup, create listener after tmp-dir
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/04 23:07:21Ben Lindstrom
[clientloop.c serverloop.c sshd.c] set flags in the signal handlers, do real work in the main loop, ok provos@
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/04 21:59:43Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h session.c] switch uid when cleaning up tmp files and sockets; reported by on bugtraq
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/03 20:06:11Ben Lindstrom
[auth2-chall.c] the challenge response device decides how to handle non-existing users. -> fake challenges for skey and cryptocard
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/03 19:38:42Ben Lindstrom
[scp.c] pass -v to ssh; from
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/03 19:36:44Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.1] 1-2 bits of entrophy per character (not per word), ok stevesk@
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/03 14:55:39Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h session.c] use fatal_register_cleanup instead of atexit, sync with x11 authdir handling
2001-06-09 - 2001/05/31 13:08:04Ben Lindstrom
[sshd_config] group options and add some more comments
2001-06-09Should have removed this. It's part of nchan.c now.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - (bal) Ooops.. nchan.c resync from OpenBSD ssh Attic.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-09- (bal) nchan.c CVS ID Update.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - (bal) Channels.c and Channels.h -- "Merge Functions, simplify" (dragedBen Lindstrom
out of ssh Attic)