AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-20dependV_8_7_P1Damien Miller
2021-08-20update version numbersDamien Miller
2021-08-20Also check pid in pselect_notify_setup.Darren Tucker
2021-08-20Prefix pselect functions to clarify debug messagesDarren Tucker
2021-08-20Fix race in pselect replacement code.Darren Tucker
2021-08-18Check compiler for c99 declarations after code.Darren Tucker
2021-08-17Remove trailing backslash on regress-unit-binariesDarren Tucker
2021-08-17Put stdint.h inside HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker
2021-08-16Improve github test driver script.Darren Tucker
2021-08-16Remove deprecated ubuntu-16.04 test targets.Darren Tucker
2021-08-15Skip agent ptrace test on hurd.Darren Tucker
2021-08-15Add hurd test target.Darren Tucker
2021-08-15Skip scp3 tests on all dfly58 and 60 configs.Darren Tucker
2021-08-14openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h: put bsd-signal.h before bsd-misc.hTim Rice
2021-08-13Test OpenSSH from OpenBSD head on 6.8 and 6.9.Darren Tucker
2021-08-13Skip scp3 test on dragonfly 58 and 60.Darren Tucker
2021-08-13upstream: mention that CASignatureAlgorithms accepts +/- similarly
2021-08-12upstream: In the editline(3) branch of the sftp(1) event loop,
2021-08-12upstream: scp: tweak man page and error message for -3 by
2021-08-12upstream: scp: do not spawn ssh with two -s flags
2021-08-11upstream: test
2021-08-11upstream: when verifying sshsig signatures, support an
2021-08-11upstream: oops, missed one more
2021-08-11upstream: remove a bunch of %p in format strings; leftovers
2021-08-11Add includes.h to compat tests.Darren Tucker
2021-08-10upstream: adapt to scp -M flag change; make test SFTP mode
2021-08-10upstream: Prepare for a future where scp(1) uses the SFTP protocol
2021-08-10upstream: make scp -3 the default for remote-to-remote copies.
2021-08-10upstream: make scp in SFTP mode try to use relative paths as
2021-08-10upstream: SFTP protocol extension to allow the server to
2021-08-10upstream: when scp is in SFTP mode, try to deal better with
2021-08-10upstream: on fatal errors, make scp wait for ssh connection
2021-08-10upstream: rever r1.223 - I accidentally committed unrelated
2021-08-10upstream: show only the final path component in the progress meter;
2021-08-10upstream: on fatal errors, make scp wait for ssh connection
2021-08-08upstream: xstrdup environment variable used by ForwardAgent.
2021-08-08upstream: Although it's POSIX, not all shells used in Portable
2021-08-08Move portable specific settings down.Darren Tucker
2021-08-08upstream: Move setting of USER further down the startup In
2021-08-08upstream: Drop -q in to preserve
2021-08-07upstream: Fix prototype mismatch for do_cmd. ok
2021-08-07upstream: sftp-client.c needs
2021-08-07Include poll.h and friends for struct pollfd.Darren Tucker
2021-08-07upstream: do_upload() used a near-identical structure
2021-08-07upstream: make scp(1) in SFTP mode follow symlinks
2021-08-07upstream: fix incorrect directory permissions on scp
2021-08-07upstream: a bit more debugging of file attributes
2021-08-07upstream: make scp(1) in SFTP mode output better match
2021-08-07upstream: factor out a structure duplicated between