AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-16dependV_8_6_P1V_8_6Damien Miller
2021-04-16crank version in README and RPM spec filesDamien Miller
2021-04-16upstream: do not pass file/func to monitor; noted by Ilja van Sprundel;
2021-04-14sshd don't exit on transient read errorsDamien Miller
2021-04-10perform report_failed_grab() inlineDamien Miller
2021-04-10dedicated gnome-ssk-askpass3 sourceDamien Miller
2021-04-08Ensure valgrind-out exists.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Pass OBJ to unit test make invocation.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Add pattern for valgrind-unit.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Run unit tests under valgrind.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08ifdef out MIN and MAX.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Remove only use of warn().Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Move make_tmpdir() into portable-specific area.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07upstream: Add TEST_SSH_ELAPSED_TIMES environment variable to print
2021-04-07Move the TEST_SSH_PORT section down a bit.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Further split Valgrind tests.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07upstream: include "ssherr.h" not <ssherr.h>; from Balu Gajjala
2021-04-07wrap struct rlimit in HAVE_GETRLIMIT tooDamien Miller
2021-04-07wrap getrlimit call in HAVE_GETRLIMIT; bz3291Damien Miller
2021-04-06upstream: Don't check return value of unsetenv(). It's part of
2021-04-06upstream: remove stray inserts; from matthias
2021-04-06upstream: missing comma; from kawashima
2021-04-05Install libcbor with libfido2.Darren Tucker
2021-04-03enable authopt and misc unit testsDamien Miller
2021-04-03upstream: typos in comments; GHPR#180 from
2021-04-03upstream: sync CASignatureAlgorithms lists with reality. GHPR#174
2021-04-03polish whitespace for portable filesDamien Miller
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
2021-04-03upstream: whitespace (tab after space)
2021-04-03Save config.h and config.log on failure too.Darren Tucker
2021-04-03upstream: fix incorrect plural; from Ville
2021-04-03upstream: ensure that pkcs11_del_provider() is called before exit
2021-04-03upstream: unused
2021-04-03upstream: Fix two problems in string->argv conversion: 1)
2021-04-03missing bits from 259d648eDamien Miller
2021-04-01upstream: cannot effectively test posix-rename extension
2021-04-01upstream: add a test for misc.c:argv_split(), currently
2021-04-01upstream: Use new protocol extension to let
2021-04-01upstream: do not advertise protocol extensions that have
2021-03-29gnome-ssh-askpass3 is a valid target hereDamien Miller
2021-03-19upstream: return non-zero exit status when killed by signal; bz#3281
2021-03-19upstream: increase maximum SSH2_FXP_READ to match the
2021-03-19upstream: don't let logging clobber errno before
2021-03-13Only call dh_set_moduli_file if using OpenSSL.Darren Tucker
2021-03-13Don't install moduli during tests.Darren Tucker
2021-03-13Point TEST_SSH_MODULI_FILE at our own moduli.Darren Tucker
2021-03-13upstream: Add ModuliFile keyword to sshd_config to specify