AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27dependV_8_3_P1V_8_3Damien Miller
2020-05-27upstream: avoid possible NULL deref; from Pedro
2020-05-14prefer ln to cp for temporary copy of sshdDamien Miller
2020-05-13Actually skip pty tests when needed.Darren Tucker
2020-05-13Skip building sk-dummy library if no SK support.Darren Tucker
2020-05-13explicitly manage .depend and .depend.bakDamien Miller
2020-05-13make dependDamien Miller
2020-05-13revert removal of .depend before makedependDamien Miller
2020-05-12prepare for 8.3 releaseDamien Miller
2020-05-08Ensure SA_SIGNAL test only signals itself.Darren Tucker
2020-05-08sync config.guess/config.sub with latest versionsDamien Miller
2020-05-07upstream: openssh-8.3; ok
2020-05-07upstream: another case where a utimes() failure could make scp
2020-05-07Check if -D_REENTRANT is needed for localtime_r.Darren Tucker
2020-05-05Skip security key tests if ENABLE_SK not set.Darren Tucker
2020-05-04upstream: sure enough, some of the test data that we though were
2020-05-04upstream: make generate old/new format keys that
2020-05-04upstream: portability fix for sed that always emil a newline
2020-05-04upstream: remove obsolete RSA1 test keys; spotted by Michael
2020-05-02Update .depend.Darren Tucker
2020-05-02Remove use of tail for 'make depend'.Darren Tucker
2020-05-02upstream: we have a sshkey_save_public() function to save public keys;
2020-05-01Use LONG_LONG_MAX and friends if available.Darren Tucker
2020-05-01upstream: when receving a file in sink(), be careful to send
2020-05-01upstream: expose vasnmprintf(); ok (as part of other commit)
2020-05-01upstream: avoid NULL dereference when attempting to convert
2020-05-01See if SA_RESTART signals will interrupt select().Darren Tucker
2020-05-01fix reversed testDamien Miller
2020-05-01wrap sha2.h inclusion in #ifdef HAVE_SHA2_HDamien Miller
2020-05-01upstream: adapt dummy FIDO middleware to API change; ok
2020-05-01upstream: tweak previous; ok
2020-05-01upstream: bring back debug() removed in rev 1.74; noted by
2020-05-01upstream: run the 2nd ssh with BatchMode for scp
2020-05-01upstream: when signing a challenge using a FIDO toke, perform
2020-05-01upstream: Fix comment typo. Patch from mforney at
2020-05-01upstream: We've standardized on memset over bzero, replace a
2020-05-01Include sys/byteorder.h for htons and friends.Darren Tucker
2020-05-01Fix conditional for openssl-based chacha20.Darren Tucker
2020-04-24Error out if given RDomain if unsupported.Darren Tucker
2020-04-24upstream: Fix incorrect error message for "too many known hosts files."
2020-04-24upstream: Remove leave_non_blocking() which is now dead
2020-04-24upstream: ce examples of "Ar arg Ar arg" with "Ar arg arg"
2020-04-24Update .depend.Darren Tucker
2020-04-22Mailing list is now closed to non-subscribers.Darren Tucker
2020-04-22Put the values from env vars back.Darren Tucker
2020-04-22Pass configure's egrep through to Tucker
2020-04-22Remove unneeded env vars from t-exec invocation.Darren Tucker
2020-04-22upstream: Backslash '$' at then end of string. Prevents warning
2020-04-21Sync rev 1.49.Darren Tucker
2020-04-20upstream: regression test for printing of private key fingerprints