AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-28upstream: no-touch-required certificate option should be
2020-02-28upstream: better error message when trying to use a FIDO
2020-02-12crank version numbersDamien Miller
2020-02-11Minor documentation update:Darren Tucker
2020-02-09Check if UINT32_MAX is defined before redefining.Darren Tucker
2020-02-07typo; reported by Phil PennockDamien Miller
2020-02-07upstream: sync the description of the $SSH_SK_PROVIDER
2020-02-07upstream: Add ssh -Q key-sig for all key and signature
2020-02-07upstream: fix two PIN entry bugs on FIDO keygen: 1) it would allow
2020-02-07upstream: When using HostkeyAlgorithms to merely append or
2020-02-07upstream: expand HostkeyAlgorithms prior to config dump,
2020-02-07upstream: Add Include to the list of permitted keywords after
2020-02-07upstream: Replace "security key" with "authenticator" in
2020-02-06Don't look for UINT32_MAX in inttypes.hDarren Tucker
2020-02-06dependDamien Miller
2020-02-06Fix sha2 MAKE_CLONE no-op definitionMichael Forney
2020-02-04upstream: require FIDO application strings to start with "ssh:";
2020-02-04upstream: revert enabling UpdateHostKeys by default - there are
2020-02-04upstream: use better markup for challenge and write-attestation,
2020-02-03mention libfido2 in dependencies sectionDamien Miller
2020-02-03add clock_gettime64(2) to sandbox allowed syscallsDamien Miller
2020-02-02upstream: Output (none) in debug in the case in the CheckHostIP=no
2020-02-02upstream: Prevent possible null pointer deref of ip_str in
2020-02-02upstream: shuffle the challenge keyword to keep the -O list sorted;
2020-02-02upstream: tweak previous;
2020-02-01Use sys-queue.h from compat library.Darren Tucker
2020-02-01upstream: regress test for sshd_config Include directive; from
2020-02-01upstream: force early logging to stderr if debug_flag (-d) is set;
2020-02-01upstream: mistake in previous: filling the incorrect
2020-02-01upstream: Add a sshd_config "Include" directive to allow
2020-02-01upstream: spelling fix;
2020-01-31upstream: document changed default for
2020-01-31upstream: enable UpdateKnownHosts=yes if the
2020-01-30Look in inttypes.h for UINT32_MAX.Darren Tucker
2020-01-30upstream: use sshpkt_fatal() instead of plain fatal()
2020-01-30upstream: check the return value of ssh_packet_write_poll()
2020-01-30upstream: have sshpkt_fatal() save/restore errno before
2020-01-30upstream: markus suggests a simplification to
2020-01-29upstream: give more context to UpdateHostKeys messages,
2020-01-29upstream: changes to support FIDO
2020-01-29upstream: disable UpdateHostKeys=ask when in quiet mode; "work
2020-01-28compat for missing IPTOS_DSCP_LE in system headersDamien Miller
2020-01-28upstream: make IPTOS_DSCP_LE available via IPQoS directive; bz2986,
2020-01-28upstream: disable UpdateHostKeys=ask if command is specified;
2020-01-28upstream: unbreak unittests for recent API / source file
2020-01-26Move definition of UINT32_MAX.Darren Tucker
2020-01-26upstream: unbreak unittests for recent API / source file
2020-01-26Include signal.h to prevent redefintion of _NSIG.Darren Tucker