AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-14upstream: process agent requests for RSA certificate private keys
2019-05-20upstream: embiggen format buffer size for certificate serial number
2019-05-17Add no-op implementation of pam_putenv.Darren Tucker
2019-04-26Don't install duplicate STREAMS modules on SolarisDarren Tucker
2019-04-18makedependV_8_0_P1Damien Miller
2019-04-05second thoughts: leave README in placeDamien Miller
2019-04-05Revert "rewrite README"Damien Miller
2019-04-05rewrite READMEDamien Miller
2019-04-05update versionsDamien Miller
2019-04-04session: Do not use removed APIDamien Miller
2019-04-03upstream: when logging/fataling on error, include a bit more
2019-04-03Remove "struct ssh" from sys_auth_record_login.Darren Tucker
2019-04-02Adapt custom_failed_login to new prototype.Darren Tucker
2019-04-01Add includes.h for compat layer.Darren Tucker
2019-03-31Stop USL compilers for erroring with "integral constant expression expected"Tim Rice
2019-03-31Only use O_NOFOLLOW in fchownat and fchmodat if definedTim Rice
2019-03-29Adjust softhsm2 path on Fedora Linux for regressJakub Jelen
2019-03-28Only use O_NOFOLLOW in utimensat if defined.Darren Tucker
2019-03-28drop old Cygwin considerationsCorinna Vinschen
2019-03-27upstream: fix interaction between ClientAliveInterval and
2019-03-26upstream: Fix authentication failures when "
2019-03-26upstream: Expand comment to document rationale for default
2019-03-26upstream: Increase the default RSA key size to 3072 bits. Based
2019-03-26upstream: full stop in the wrong place;
2019-03-26upstream: benno helped me clean up the tcp forwarding section;
2019-03-26upstream: fix use-after-free in ssh-pkcs11; found by hshoexer w/
2019-03-14Fix build when configured --without-openssl.Darren Tucker
2019-03-14On Cygwin run sshd as SYSTEM where possible.Darren Tucker
2019-03-13Replace alloca with xcalloc.Darren Tucker
2019-03-12Use Cygwin-specific matching only for users+groups.Darren Tucker
2019-03-08upstream: Move checks for lists of users or groups into their
2019-03-08upstream: Reset last-seen time when sending a keepalive.
2019-03-08upstream: PKCS#11 support is no longer limited to RSA; ok
2019-03-08upstream: in ssh_set_newkeys(), mention the direction that we'
2019-03-01upstream: Fix two race conditions in sshd relating to
2019-03-01upstream: mention PKCS11Provide=none, reword a little and
2019-03-01upstream: let PKCS11Provider=none do what users
2019-03-01upstream: dup stdout/in for proxycommand=-, otherwise stdout
2019-02-24upstream: openssh-7.9 accidentally reused the server's algorithm
2019-02-22Cygwin: implement case-insensitive Unicode user and group name matchingCorinna Vinschen
2019-02-22Revert unintended parts of previous commit.Darren Tucker
2019-02-22Revert "[auth.c] On Cygwin, refuse usernames that have differences in case"Corinna Vinschen
2019-02-22Add tags to .gitignoreCorinna Vinschen
2019-02-22upstream: perform removal of agent-forwarding directory in
2019-02-22upstream: sync the description of ~/.ssh/config with djm's
2019-02-13upstream: fix regression in r1.302 reported by naddy@ - only the
2019-02-11upstream: cleanup GSSAPI authentication context after completion of
2019-02-11upstream: ssh-keygen -D needs to initialize