AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-06upstream: relax checking of authorized_keys environment="..."
2018-05-25upstream: Do not ban PTY allocation when a sshd session is
2018-04-29Use includes.h instead of config.h.Darren Tucker
2018-04-19Omit 3des-cbc if OpenSSL built without DES.Darren Tucker
2018-04-17upstream: Disable SSH2_MSG_DEBUG messages for Twisted Conch
2018-04-15upstream: don't free the %C expansion, it's used later
2018-04-13Using "==" in shell tests is not portable.Darren Tucker
2018-04-13upstream: don't kill ssh-agent's listening socket entriely if
2018-04-13Fix tunnel forwarding broken in 7.7p1Damien Miller
2018-04-13Revert $REGRESSTMP changes.Darren Tucker
2018-04-02update versions in .spec filesV_7_7_P1Damien Miller
2018-04-02update version numberDamien Miller
2018-03-30Disable native strndup and strnlen on AIX.Darren Tucker
2018-03-26Include ssh_api.h for struct ssh.Darren Tucker
2018-03-26Remove UNICOS code missed during removal.Darren Tucker
2018-03-26Remove test dependency on printenvDamien Miller
2018-03-25 Use libiaf on all sysv5 systemsTim Rice
2018-03-25 modified: auth-sia.cTim Rice
2018-03-25upstream: fix bogus warning when signing cert keys using agent;
2018-03-25Replace /dev/stdin with "-".Darren Tucker
2018-03-23Provide $OBJ to paths in PuTTY interop tests.Darren Tucker
2018-03-23upstream: Tell puttygen to use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.
2018-03-23upstream: ssh/xmss: fix build; ok
2018-03-23upstream: ssh/xmss: fix deserialize for certs; ok
2018-03-22Save $? before case statement.Darren Tucker
2018-03-14upstream: rename recently-added "valid-before" key restriction
2018-03-14upstream: check valid-before option in
2018-03-14upstream: explicitly specify RSA/SHA-2 keytype here
2018-03-14upstream: exlicitly include RSA/SHA-2 keytypes
2018-03-14upstream: sort expiry-time;
2018-03-14upstream: rename recently-added "valid-before" key restriction
2018-03-14upstream: add valid-before="[time]" authorized_keys option.
2018-03-12Add AC_LANG_PROGRAM to AC_COMPILE_IFELSE.Darren Tucker
2018-03-12upstream: revert recent strdelim() change, it causes problems
2018-03-12upstream: move the input format details to -f; remove the properly set seccomp_audit_arch for MIPS64Vicente Olivert Riera detect MIPS ABIVicente Olivert Riera
2018-03-08Use https URLs for links that support it.Alan Yee
2018-03-05Disable UTMPX on SunOS4.Darren Tucker
2018-03-05Check for and work around buggy fflush(NULL).Darren Tucker
2018-03-05Remove extra XMSS #endifDarren Tucker
2018-03-04upstream: Update RSA minimum modulus size to 1024. sshkey.h rev
2018-03-04upstream: for the pty control tests, just check that the PTY
2018-03-03Update PAM password change to new opts API.Darren Tucker
2018-03-03Add strndup for platforms that need it.Darren Tucker
2018-03-03Flatten and alphabetize object file lists.Darren Tucker
2018-03-03upstream: unit tests for new authorized_keys options
2018-03-03upstream: fix testing of pty option, include positive test