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fix double-negative error message "ssh1 is not unsupported"
for ssh-keygen -A, don't try (and fail) to generate ssh v.1 keys when compiled without SSH1 support RSA/DSA/ECDSA keys when compiled without OpenSSL based on patch by Mike Frysinger; bz#2369
2015-03-20remove error() accidentally inserted for debuggingDamien Miller
pointed out by Christian Hesse
2015-03-16portability fix: Solaris systems may not have a grep that understands -qV_6_8_P1Tim Rice
2015-03-11fix compile with clangDamien Miller
2015-03-11make unit tests work for !OPENSSH_HAS_ECCDamien Miller
unbreak for w/SSH1 (default) case; ok markus@ deraadt@
2015-03-05unbreak hostkeys test for w/ SSH1 caseDamien Miller
fix sshkey_certify() return value for unsupported key types; ok markus@ deraadt@
2015-03-04update version numbers to match version.hDamien Miller
make these work with !SSH1; ok markus@ deraadt@
make ssh-add -D work with !SSH1 agent
2015-03-04netcat needs poll.h portability goopDamien Miller
make it possible to run tests w/o ssh1 support; ok djm@
crank; ok markus, deraadt
2015-03-03more --without-ssh1 fixesDamien Miller
2015-03-03fix merge both that broke --without-ssh1 compileDamien Miller
add SSH1 Makefile knob to make it easier to build without SSH1 support; ok markus@
expand __unused to full __attribute__ for better portability
2015-03-04avoid warningDamien Miller
2015-03-04Revert "define __unused to nothing if not already defined"Damien Miller
This reverts commit 1598419e38afbaa8aa5df8dd6b0af98301e2c908. Some system headers have objects named __unused
2015-03-04check for crypt and DES_crypt in openssl blockDamien Miller
fixes builds on systems that use DES_crypt; based on patch from Roumen Petrov
2015-03-04define __unused to nothing if not already definedDamien Miller
fixes builds on BSD/OS
reorder logic for better portability; patch from Roumen Petrov
Allow "ssh -Q protocol-version" to list supported SSH protocol versions. Useful for detecting builds without SSH v.1 support; idea and ok markus@
Make sure we only call getnameinfo() for AF_INET or AF_INET6 sockets. getpeername() of a Unix domain socket may return without error on some systems without actually setting ss_family so getnameinfo() was getting called with ss_family set to AF_UNSPEC. OK djm@
2015-02-28portability fixes for regress/netcat.cDamien Miller
Mostly avoiding "err(1, NULL)"
2015-02-28twiddle another test for portabilityDamien Miller
from Tom G. Christensen
2015-02-27twiddle test for portabilityDamien Miller
2015-02-26make regress/netcat.c fd passing (more) portableDamien Miller
2015-02-26create OBJ/valgrind-out before running unittestsDamien Miller
2015-02-26valgrind supportDamien Miller
don't printf NULL key comments; reported by Tom Christensen
zero cmsgbuf before use; we initialise the bits we use but valgrind still spams warning on it
fix small memory leak when UpdateHostkeys=no
2015-02-25Revert "Work around finicky USL linker so netcat will build."Tim Rice
This reverts commit d1db656021d0cd8c001a6692f772f1de29b67c8b. No longer needed with commit 678e473e2af2e4802f24dd913985864d9ead7fb3
don't leak validity of user in "too many authentication failures" disconnect message; reported by Sebastian Reitenbach
add -v (show ASCII art) to -l's synopsis; ok djm@
2015-02-26Remove dependency on xmalloc.Darren Tucker
Remove ssh_get_progname's dependency on xmalloc, which should reduce link order problems. ok djm@
2015-02-25Restrict ECDSA and ECDH tests.Darren Tucker
ifdef out some more ECDSA and ECDH tests when built against an OpenSSL that does not have eliptic curve functionality.
2015-02-25Move definition of _NSIG.Darren Tucker
_NSIG is only unsed in one file, so move it there prevent redefinition warnings reported by Kevin Brott.
2015-02-25Add includes.h for compatibility stuff.Darren Tucker
2015-02-24include netdb.h to look for MAXHOSTNAMELEN; ok timDamien Miller
2015-02-24Work around finicky USL linker so netcat will build.Tim Rice
2015-02-24include includes.h to avoid build failure on AIXDamien Miller
2015-02-24Original portability patch from djm@ for platforms missing err.h.Tim Rice
Fix name space clash on Solaris 10. Still more to do for Solaris 10 to deal with msghdr structure differences. ok djm@
2015-02-23cleaner way fix dispatch.h portion of commitTim Rice
a88dd1da119052870bb2654c1a32c51971eade16 (some systems have sig_atomic_t in signal.h, some in sys/signal.h) Sounds good to me djm@
2015-02-23portability fix: if we can't dind a better define for HOST_NAME_MAX, use 255Tim Rice
2015-02-23portablity fix: s/__inline__/inline/Tim Rice
2015-02-24Wrap stdint.h includes in HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker