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2003-09-23 - (djm) Release 3.7.1p2V_3_7_1_P2Damien Miller
2003-09-23 - (djm) Crank version.h and spec version numbersDamien Miller
2003-09-23 - (djm) Fix SSH1 challenge kludgeDamien Miller
- (djm) Bug #671: Fix builds on OpenBSD - (djm) Bug #676: Fix PAM stack corruption - (djm) Fix bad free() in PAM code - (djm) Don't call pam_end before pam_init - (djm) Enable build with old OpenSSL again - (djm) Trim deprecated options from INSTALL. Mention UsePAM - (djm) Fix quote handling in sftp; Patch from admorten AT
2003-09-23 - 2003/09/19 09:02:02Darren Tucker
[packet.c] buffer_dump only if PACKET_DEBUG is defined; Jedi/Sector One; pr 3471
2003-09-23 - 2003/09/18 08:49:45Darren Tucker
[deattack.c misc.c session.c ssh-agent.c] more buffer allocation fixes; from Solar Designer; CAN-2003-0682; ok millert@
2003-09-23 - 2003/09/18 07:54:48Darren Tucker
[buffer.c] protect against double free; #660; zardoz at
2003-09-23 - 2003/09/18 07:52:54Darren Tucker
[sshconnect.c] missing {}; bug #656; jclonguet at
2003-09-22[] add --disable-etc-default-login option. ok djmTim Rice
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [contrib/aix/pam.conf] Include example pam.conf for AIX fromDarren Tucker
article by genty at, included with the author's permission.
2003-09-21[] Bug 665: move 3 new AC_DEFINES outside of AC_TRY_RUN.Tim Rice
Report by distler AT golem ph utexas edu.
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Bug #686: Document requirement for zlib 1.1.4 orDarren Tucker
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/port-aix.c] Use correct include for xmalloc.h,Darren Tucker
add canohost.h to stop warning. Based on patch from openssh-unix-dev at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [uidswap.c] Don't test restoration of uid on Cygwin since theDarren Tucker
OS does not support permanently dropping privileges. Patch from vinschen at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [contrib/cygwin/README contrib/cygwin/ssh-host-config] UpdateDarren Tucker
ssh-host-config to match current defaults, bump README version. Patch from vinschen at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [ openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.cDarren Tucker
openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.h] Bug #659: Test for and handle systems with where gai_strerror is defined as "const char *". Part of patch supplied by bugzilla-openssh at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #659: uid swapping issues on IRIX 6.Darren Tucker
Part of patch supplied by bugzilla-openssh at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #693: uid swapping issues on NCR MP-RAS.Darren Tucker
Patch from david.haughton at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #653: uid swapping issues on Tru64.Darren Tucker
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #657: uid swappping issues on BSDi.Darren Tucker
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #655: uid swapping issues on Mac OS X.Darren Tucker
Patch from max at
2003-09-22 - (dtucker) [] Bug #644: Fix "make clean" for out-of-treeDarren Tucker
builds. Portability corrections from tim@.
2003-09-19 - (dtucker) [session.c] Bug #643: Fix size_t -> u_int and fix null derefDarren Tucker
when /etc/default/login doesn't exist or isn't readable. Fixes from jparsons-lists at and georg.oppenberg at deu mci com.
2003-09-19 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/port-aix.h] Bug #640: Don't include audit.hDarren Tucker
unless required. Reorder to reduce warnings.
2003-09-19 - (djm) Bug #646: Fix location of x11-ssh-askpass; JimDamien Miller
2003-09-19 - (djm) Bug #680: Remove missing inet_ntoa.h header referenceDamien Miller
2003-09-19 - (djm) Bug #683: Remove reference to --with-ipv4-default from INSTALL;Damien Miller
djast AT
2003-09-18 - (djm) Bug #652: Fix empty password authDamien Miller
2003-09-17rpm spec versionsV_3_7_1_P1Damien Miller
2003-09-17 - (djm) OpenBSD SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/09/16 21:02:40 [buffer.c channels.c version.h] more malloc/fatal fixes; ok millert/deraadt; ghudson at MIT.EDU
2003-09-16reset release numbers to 1V_3_7_P1Damien Miller
2003-09-16 - (djm) Banish sprintf from auth-pam.c. Patch from balDamien Miller
2003-09-15[] Fix portability issues.Tim Rice
2003-09-16releaseDamien Miller
2003-09-16 - (djm) Crank spec versionsDamien Miller
2003-09-16 - 2003/09/16 03:03:47Ben Lindstrom
[buffer.c] do not expand buffer before attempting to reallocate it; markus ok
2003-09-16Fix line widthDarren Tucker
2003-09-16 - (dtucker) [acconfig.h defines.h session.c] Bug #252: RetrieveDarren Tucker
PATH (or SUPATH) and UMASK from /etc/default/login on platforms that have it (eg Solaris, Reliant Unix). Patch from Robert.Dahlem at ok djm@
2003-09-14 - (dtucker) [regress/Makefile] AIX's make doesn't like " +=", so replaceDarren Tucker
with vanilla "=". Hopefully everybody's "make" will be happy with that.
2003-09-14 - (dtucker) [Makefile regress/Makefile] Fix portability issues preventingDarren Tucker
the regression tests from running with Solaris' make. Patch from Brian Poole (raj at Further info: Solaris' /usr/ccs/bin/make * requires a space before "+=" (but not "=") * does not like @for The bit that relies on a trailing "/" on $OBJ so "rm ${OBJ}$$F works in the current dir if OBJ isn't set is my fault. Nasty but it works.
2003-09-13Add extern __progname, needed if SSHD_PAM_SERVICE not definedDarren Tucker
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [auth-pam.c] Use SSHD_PAM_SERVICE for PAM service name, patchDarren Tucker
from cjwatson at
2003-09-12[] define WITH_ABBREV_NO_TTY for SCO. Report by Roger Cornelius.Tim Rice
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [auth-passwd.c] On AIX, call setauthdb() before loginsuccess(),Darren Tucker
required to correctly reset failed login count when using a password registry other than "files" (eg LDAP, see bug #543).
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [regress/] Timeout of 5 sec is borderline forDarren Tucker
slower hosts, increase to 10 sec.
2003-09-12[regress/] shell portability fix.Tim Rice
2003-09-12[] only mkdir regress if it does not exist.Tim Rice
2003-09-12[regress/] sh doesn't like "if ! shell_function; then".Tim Rice
2003-09-11[regress/ regress/dynamic-forward.shTim Rice
regress/ regress/ regress/] no longer depends on which(1). patch by dtucker@
2003-09-11[] Prefer setuid/setgid on UnixWare and Open Server.Tim Rice