AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2000-11-06Prepare for releaseV_2_3_0_P1Damien Miller
2000-11-06Whoops, forgot changelogDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Fix multiple dependancy on gnome-libs from Pekka SavolaDamien Miller
2000-11-06Remove UPGRADING from spec filesDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Remove UPGRADING document in favour of a link to the betterDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Manually fix up missed diff hunks (mainly RCS idents)Damien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Use Jim's new 1.0.3 askpass in Redhat RPMsDamien Miller
2000-11-05 - (bal) Missed auth-skey.o in and minor correction toBen Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (stevesk) pty.c: use __hpux to identify HP-UX.Kevin Steves
2000-11-05 - (bal) Reworked NEWS-OS and NeXT ports to extract waitpid() andBen Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (bal) auth2-skey.c - Checked in. Missing from portable tree.Ben Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (bal) Sync with OpenBSD:Ben Lindstrom
2000-10-30 - (bal) next-posix.h - spelling and forgot a prototypeBen Lindstrom
2000-10-29 - (bal) Resolved more $xno and $xyes issues in configure.inBen Lindstrom
2000-10-29 - (stevesk) Create contrib/cygwin/ directory; patch fromKevin Steves
2000-10-29 - (stevesk) Fix typo in auth.c: USE_PAM not PAMKevin Steves
2000-10-28fixDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) authctxt->pw may be NULL. Fix from Markus FriedlDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) Sync with OpenBSD:Damien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) Fix mangled AIXAUTHENTICATE codeDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) fix select hack in serverloop.c from Philippe WILLEMDamien Miller
2000-10-28Change of employer :)Damien Miller
2000-10-27 - (djm) Increase REKEY_BYTES to 2^24 for arc4randomDamien Miller
2000-10-25 - (bal) Added USE_PIPS defined to NeXT since scp hangs randomly.Ben Lindstrom
2000-10-25RewordDamien Miller
2000-10-25 - (djm) Added WARNING.RNG file and modified configure to ask users of theDamien Miller
2000-10-19 - (bal) Imported NEWS-OS waitpid() macros into NeXT. Since implementationBen Lindstrom
2000-10-20 - (djm) Don't define _REENTRANT for SNI/Reliant UnixDamien Miller
2000-10-18formatting change for contrib/hpux/READMEKevin Steves
2000-10-18 - (stevesk) Add egd startup scripts to contrib/hpux/Kevin Steves
2000-10-18 - (stevesk) Add initial support for setproctitle(). CurrentKevin Steves
2000-10-18 - (bal) Changed from GNU rx to PCRE on suggestion from djm.Ben Lindstrom
2000-10-17 - (djm) Don't rely on atomicio's retval to determine length of askpassDamien Miller
2000-10-17 - (djm) Add -lregex to cywin libs from Corinna VinschenDamien Miller
2000-10-16 - (djm) Make inability to read/write PRNG seedfile non-fatalDamien Miller
2000-10-16 - (djm) Merge some of Nalin Dahyabhai <> changes from theDamien Miller
2000-10-16 - Added condrestart to Redhat init script. Patch from Pekka SavolaDamien Miller
2000-10-16oops - forgot to commitDamien Miller
2000-10-16 - (djm) Sync with OpenBSD:Damien Miller
2000-10-15 - (djm) Fix ssh2 hang on background processes at logout.Damien Miller
2000-10-15 - (bal) Add support for realpath and getcwd for platforms with brokenBen Lindstrom
2000-10-14Add support for GNU rx library for those lacking regexp supportBen Lindstrom
2000-10-14 - (stevesk) Display correct path to ssh-askpass in configure output.Kevin Steves
2000-10-14comparing against buf and not hostname; openbsd tree has thisKevin Steves
2000-10-14get_last_login_time() called twice.Kevin Steves
2000-10-14function prototype and definition consistency cleanup.Kevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (stevesk) ~/.hushlogin shouldn't cause required password change toKevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (stevesk) rijndael.c: cleanup missing declaration warnings.Kevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (stevesk) Include config.h in rijndael.c so we define intXX_t andKevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (djm) Fix scp user@host handlingDamien Miller