AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2000-06-08fix linkrotDamien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Cleanup of entropy.c. Reorganised code, removed second pass throughDamien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Remove duplicate headers from loginrec.cDamien Miller
2000-06-07Missed some bits of the OpenBSD patch somewhere (?!)Damien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Don't add /usr/local/lib to library search path on IrixDamien Miller
2000-06-07New verDamien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Warn user if grabs fail in GNOME askpass. Patch from Zack WeinbergDamien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Fix rsh path in RPMs. Report from Jason L Tibbitts IIIDamien Miller
2000-06-05 - (djm) Added --with-cflags, --with-ldflags and --with-libs options toDamien Miller
2000-06-04Many changes to new login code based on Damien's feedback:andre
2000-06-04Added missed info for 20000603 login code updateandre
2000-06-04 - Configure tweaking for new login code on Irix 5.3Damien Miller
2000-06-03Disable lastlog for AIX, as it's handled by the OS as part of the loginandre
2000-06-03Removed obsolete lastlog symbolsandre
2000-06-03Added new login recording codeandre
2000-06-03Removed an old entryDamien Miller
2000-05-31 - Rewrote bsd-login to use proper utmp API if available. Major cleanupPRE_NEW_LOGIN_CODEDamien Miller
2000-05-31 - Fix EGD read bug by IWAMURO Motonori <>Damien Miller
2000-05-31 - Cleanup of auth.c, login.c and fake-*Damien Miller
2000-05-30docV_2_1_0_P3Damien Miller
2000-05-30 - OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-05-30Up verDamien Miller
2000-05-30 - Fix buffer overrun in login.c for systems which use syslen in utmpx.Damien Miller
2000-05-30 - Define atexit for old SolarisDamien Miller
2000-05-20 - Doc cleanupV_2_1_0_P2Damien Miller
2000-05-20 - HPUX and Configure fixes from Lutz JaenickeDamien Miller
2000-05-20cleanup diffsDamien Miller
2000-05-20 - SunOS 4.x support from Todd C. Miller <>Damien Miller
2000-05-20 - Don't touch utmp if USE_UTMPX definedDamien Miller
2000-05-20 - Xauth fix from Markus Friedl <>Damien Miller
2000-05-19 - Include Andre Lucas' fixprogs script. Forgot to "cvs add" it yesterdayDamien Miller
2000-05-18Doh - forgot to import fixprogsDamien Miller
2000-05-17prepare for p1 releaseV_2_1_0_P1Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - Detect OpenSSL seperatly from RSADamien Miller
2000-05-17 - RSAless operation patch from kevin_oconnor@standardandpoors.comDamien Miller
2000-05-17 - Several patches from SAKAI Kiyotaka <>Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - OpenBSD CVS update:Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - Fix HAVE_PAM_GETENVLIST setting from Simon Wilkinson <>Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - Avoid WCOREDUMP complation errors for systems that lack itDamien Miller
2000-05-17 - Applied Tom Bertelson's <> AIX authentication fixDamien Miller
2000-05-17 - Fix from Andre Lucas <>Damien Miller
2000-05-13 - Fix for non-recognised DSA keys from Arkadiusz MiskiewiczDamien Miller
2000-05-11 - Fix for prng_seed permissions checking from Lutz JaenickeDamien Miller
2000-05-09idohV_2_1_0Damien Miller
2000-05-09 - Cleanup of bsd-base64 headers, bugfix definitions of __b64_*. ReportedDamien Miller
2000-05-09bad checkin modeDamien Miller
2000-05-09Bad checkin modeDamien Miller
2000-05-09update specsDamien Miller
2000-05-09 - Doc updatesDamien Miller
2000-05-09oops - missed thisDamien Miller