AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2000-04-03remove debugging junkV_1_2_3_TEST1Damien Miller
2000-04-03 - Wrote entropy collection routines for systems that lack /dev/randomDamien Miller
2000-04-01 - Big OpenBSD CVS update (mainly beginnings of SSH2 infrastructure)Damien Miller
2000-03-26 - OpenBSD CVS updateDamien Miller
2000-03-26 - Better tests for OpenSSL w/ RSArefDamien Miller
2000-03-26Test RSA_private_decrypt when searching for OpenSSLDamien Miller
2000-03-24versionV_1_2_3Damien Miller
2000-03-18verV_1_2_3_PRE5Damien Miller
2000-03-17 - Runtime error fix for HPUX from Otmar StahlDamien Miller
2000-03-17 - OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-03-17 - Checks for 64 bit int types. Problem report from Mats FredholmDamien Miller
2000-03-17 - Clarified --with-default-path option.Damien Miller
2000-03-16Prepare for final test releaseV_1_2_3_PRE4Damien Miller
2000-03-16 - Added blurb about "scp: command not found" errors to UPGRADINGDamien Miller
2000-03-16spelloDamien Miller
2000-03-16 - Doc cleanupsDamien Miller
2000-03-16Moved to contrib/Damien Miller
2000-03-16 - Propogate LD through to MakefileDamien Miller
2000-03-16 - Fixed configure not passing LDFLAGS to Solaris. Report from David G.Damien Miller
2000-03-15 - Configure fix from Bratislav ILICH <>Damien Miller
2000-03-15fix dohV_1_2_3_PRE3Damien Miller
2000-03-15fix dohDamien Miller
2000-03-15Updated spec file for new version and locationsDamien Miller
2000-03-15Moved package files to contrib/Damien Miller
2000-03-15 - Created contrib/ subdirectory. Included helpers from Phil Hands'Damien Miller
2000-03-15 - Don't free argument to putenv() after use (in setenv() replacement).Damien Miller
2000-03-15 - Fix broken CFLAGS handling during search for OpenSSL. Fixes va_listDamien Miller
2000-03-14*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2000-03-14 - Include /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib for systems that don'tDamien Miller
2000-03-14 - Include macro for IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED. Report fromDamien Miller
2000-03-14*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2000-03-13*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2000-03-11Prepare for pre2V_1_2_3_PRE2Damien Miller
2000-03-11 - IPv6 workarounds from Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <>Damien Miller
2000-03-11More config fixesDamien Miller
2000-03-11 - OpenBSD CVS changeV_1_2_3_PRE1Damien Miller
2000-03-11dohDamien Miller
2000-03-11Prepare for 1.2.3pre releaseDamien Miller
2000-03-11 - Detect RSArefDamien Miller
2000-03-09 - Removed warning workaround for Linux and devpts filesystems (no longerDamien Miller
2000-03-09 - OpenBSD CVS updates to v1.2.3Damien Miller
2000-03-08 - Configure fix from Hiroshi Takekawa <>Damien Miller
2000-03-07add warningDamien Miller
2000-03-07Update versionV_1_2_2_P1Damien Miller
2000-03-05Avoid compiler warningsDamien Miller
2000-03-05 - Check for libwrap if --with-tcp-wrappers option specified. SuggestionDamien Miller
2000-03-05 - Check for getpagesize in libucb.a if not found in libc. Fix for oldDamien Miller
2000-03-05 - Explicitly seed OpenSSL's PRNG before checking rsa_alive()Damien Miller
2000-03-05 - Fix DEC compile fixDamien Miller
2000-03-03 - DEC Unix compile fix from David Del Piero <>Damien Miller