AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1999-11-22prepare for 1.2pre14V_1_2_PRE14Damien Miller
1999-11-22Only display comment for ssh-askpassDamien Miller
1999-11-22Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-22 - Added a setenv replacement for systems which lack itDamien Miller
1999-11-22 - Fix EGD problems (Thanks to Ben Taylor <>)Damien Miller
1999-11-22 - Added autoconf test and macro to deal with old PAM librariesDamien Miller
1999-11-22 - Added OpenBSD bsd-strlcat.c, created bsd-strlcat.hDamien Miller
1999-11-22error message fixDamien Miller
1999-11-22 - OpenBSD CVS ChangesDamien Miller
1999-11-22 - Make <enter> close gnome-ssh-askpass (Debian bug #50299)Damien Miller
1999-11-21 - [OVERVIEW README] typos; green@freebsdDamien Miller
1999-11-21 - OpenBSD CVS ChangesDamien Miller
1999-11-20Fix segfaultDamien Miller
1999-11-20 - Merged more Solaris support from Marc G. FournierDamien Miller
1999-11-19Die if lastlog not foundV_1_2_PRE13Damien Miller
1999-11-19Fix doc filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Fix askapss filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Fix doc filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Fix libexecdirDamien Miller
1999-11-19Prepare for pre13Damien Miller
1999-11-19Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-19- Added non-PAM MD5 password support patch from Tudor Bosman <>Damien Miller
1999-11-19 - Renamed BSD helper function files to bsd-*Damien Miller
1999-11-19 - Added autoconf option to enable Kerberos 4 support (untested)Damien Miller
1999-11-19- Move scp from ${libdir}/ssh to ${libexecdir}/ssh at request ofDamien Miller
1999-11-19 Fix progress bar bugDamien Miller
1999-11-19 - EGD uses a socket, not a named pipe. Duh.Damien Miller
1999-11-19 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changesDamien Miller
1999-11-19 - Merged PAM buffer overrun patch from Chip Salzenberg <>Damien Miller
1999-11-18TypoDamien Miller
1999-11-18 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changesDamien Miller
1999-11-17 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changesDamien Miller
1999-11-16Clarify mailing list detailsDamien Miller
1999-11-16 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-16 - Fix some Linux libc5 problems reported by Miles Wilson <>Damien Miller
1999-11-16Added upgrade instructionsDamien Miller
1999-11-15Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-15OpenBSD CVS: fix .XrDamien Miller
1999-11-15- Split subpackages further based on patch from jim knoble <>V_1_2_PRE12Damien Miller
1999-11-15 - Merged more Solaris compability from Marc G. FournierDamien Miller
1999-11-15Fixed spelloDamien Miller
1999-11-15 - Various small cleanups to bring diff (against OpenBSD) size down.Damien Miller
1999-11-15 - Merged more OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-15Further cleanup of askpass autoconf support, enable GNOME askpass optionDamien Miller
1999-11-15 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-15ThinkoDamien Miller
1999-11-15Solaris compile fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-15typoDamien Miller
1999-11-13 - Tidied default config file some moreDamien Miller
1999-11-13 - Added shadow password patch from Thomas Neumann <>Damien Miller