AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
1999-11-12*** empty log message ***V_1_2_PRE10Damien Miller
1999-11-12Removed obselete logging directiveDamien Miller
1999-11-12 - Grab server in gnome-ssh-askpass (Debian bug #49872)Damien Miller
1999-11-12 - Merged changes from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
1999-11-12- Merged changes from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
1999-11-11Fix compile warningDamien Miller
1999-11-11Cleanup of default config for new LogLevel option and better readabilityDamien Miller
1999-11-11Merged sshd connection failure patch from Markus Friedl <>Damien Miller
1999-11-11 - Merged more OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-11Changed name of directory in tarballDamien Miller
1999-11-11Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-11Fixed interger overflow in progress meter for large filesDamien Miller
1999-11-11 - [auth-rh-rsa.c] user/958: check ~/.ssh/known_hosts for rhosts-rsa, tooDamien Miller
1999-11-11DocDamien Miller
1999-11-11Error message when SSL libs not foundDamien Miller
1999-11-11Doc and spec updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-11 - Added (untested) Entropy Gathering Daemon (EGD) supportDamien Miller
1999-11-10 - Merged several minor fixed:Damien Miller
1999-11-09doc updatesV_1_2_PRE9Damien Miller
1999-11-09Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-09bugfixDamien Miller
1999-11-09bugfixDamien Miller
1999-11-09bugfixDamien Miller
1999-11-09Dumb typoDamien Miller
1999-11-091st attempt at RPM subpackagesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Build fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Build fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Minor updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Added GNOME passphrase requester supportDamien Miller
1999-11-09Added GNOME passphrase requesterDamien Miller
1999-11-09 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-09 - Autodetection of SSL/Crypto library location via autoconfDamien Miller
1999-11-08Doc fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-08Merged OpenBSD CVS changes that go awayV_1_2_PRE8Damien Miller
1999-11-08*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
1999-11-08Merged latest OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-08Fix path typoDamien Miller
1999-11-08Lots of changes:Damien Miller
1999-11-02Merged one line cleanup from OBSD CVSDamien Miller
1999-10-30Renamed READMEV_1_2_PRE7Damien Miller
1999-10-30remove redundant fileDamien Miller
1999-10-30Merged latest OpenBSD changes:Damien Miller
1999-10-30Renamed README -> README.YlonenDamien Miller
1999-10-30Updated COPYING file with usage of RC4Damien Miller
1999-10-30 - Integrated debian package support from Dan Brosemer <>Damien Miller
1999-10-29Fix off by one error in PAM env patchV_1_2_PRE6Damien Miller
1999-10-29 - Removed redundant subdirectoriesDamien Miller
1999-10-29 - Remove autoconf generated Makefile from CVSDamien Miller
1999-10-29 - Make distclean now removed configure scriptDamien Miller
1999-10-29Doc updatesDamien Miller