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2018-07-26upstream: Don't redefine Makefile choices which come correct
bsd.*.mk ok markus OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 814b2f670df75759e1581ecef530980b2b3d7e0f
2018-04-06upstream: Import regenerated moduli
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 1de0e85522051eb2ffa00437e1885e9d7b3e0c2e
group shared source files (e.g. SRCS_KEX) and allow compilation w/o OPENSSL ok djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: fa728823ba21c4b45212750e1d3a4b2086fd1a62
split client/server kex; only ssh-keygen needs uuencode.o; only scp/sftp use progressmeter.o; ok djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: f2c9feb26963615c4fece921906cf72e248b61ee
only ssh-keygen needs uuencode.o; only scp/sftp use progressmeter.o OpenBSD-Commit-ID: a337e886a49f96701ccbc4832bed086a68abfa85
ssh/lib hasn't worked towards our code-sharing goals for a quit while, perhaps it is too verbose? Change each */Makefile to specifying exactly what sources that program requires, compiling it seperate. Maybe we'll iterate by sorting those into seperatable chunks, splitting up files which contain common code + server/client specific code, or whatnot. But this isn't one step, or we'd have done it a long time ago.. ok dtucker markus djm OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 5317f294d63a876bfc861e19773b1575f96f027d
2017-10-31Switch upstream git repository.Damien Miller
Previously portable OpenSSH has synced against a conversion of OpenBSD's CVS repository made using the git cvsimport tool, but this has become increasingly unreliable. As of this commit, portable OpenSSH now tracks a conversion of the OpenBSD CVS upstream made using the excellent cvs2gitdump tool from YASUOKA Masahiko: cvs2gitdump is considerably more reliable than gitcvsimport and the old version of cvsps that it uses under the hood, and is the same tool used to export the entire OpenBSD repository to git (so we know it can cope with future growth). These new conversions are mirrored at github, so interested parties can match portable OpenSSH commits to their upstream counterparts. An unfortunate side effect of switching upstreams is that we must have a flag day, across which the upstream commit IDs will be inconsistent. The old commit IDs are recorded with the tags "Upstream-ID" for main directory commits and "Upstream-Regress-ID" for regress commits. To make it clear that the commit IDs do not refer to the same things, the new repository will instead use "OpenBSD-ID" and "OpenBSD-Regress-ID" tags instead. Apart from being a longwinded explanation of what is going on, this commit message also serves to synchronise our tools with the state of the tree, which happens to be: OpenBSD-ID: 9c43a9968c7929613284ea18e9fb92e4e2a8e4c1 OpenBSD-Regress-ID: b33b385719420bf3bc57d664feda6f699c147fef
zap redundant Makefile variables. okay djm@ Upstream-ID: e39b3902fe1d6c4a7ba6a3c58e072219f3c1e604
actually remove these files Upstream-ID: 1bd41cba06a7752de4df304305a8153ebfb6b0ac
Import regenerated moduli. Upstream-ID: b25bf747544265b39af74fe0716dc8d9f5b63b95
Run the screen twice so we end up with more candidate groups. ok djm@ Upstream-ID: b92c93266d8234d493857bb822260dacf4366157
rationalise the long list of manual CDIAGFLAGS that we add; most of these were redundant to -Wall -Wextra Upstream-ID: ea80f445e819719ccdcb237022cacfac990fdc5c
this one I did forget to "cvs rm" Upstream-ID: 5781670c0578fe89663c9085ed3ba477cf7e7913
undo some local debugging stuff that I committed by accident Upstream-ID: fe5b31f69a60d47171836911f144acff77810217
2017-04-28Typo.Darren Tucker
Upstream-Regress-ID: 1e6b51ddf767cbad0a4e63eb08026c127e654308
2017-04-28Add 2 regress commits I applied by hand.Darren Tucker
Upstream-Regress-ID: 30c20180c87cbc99fa1020489fe7fd8245b6420c Upstream-Regress-ID: 1e6b51ddf767cbad0a4e63eb08026c127e654308
Change COMPILER_VERSION tests which limited additional warnings to gcc4 to instead skip them on gcc3 as clang can handle -Wpointer-sign and -Wold-style-definition. Upstream-ID: 5cbe348aa76dc1adf55be6c0e388fafaa945439a
In ssh tests set REGRESS_FAIL_EARLY with ?= so that the environment can change it. OK djm@ Upstream-Regress-ID: 77bcb50e47b68c7209c7f0a5a020d73761e5143b
Update moduli file. Upstream-ID: 6da9a37f74aef9f9cc639004345ad893cad582d8
DEBUGLIBS has been broken since the gcc4 switch, so delete it. CFLAGS contains -g by default anyway problem noted by Edgar Pettijohn (edgar (at) ok millert@ kettenis@ deraadt@ Upstream-ID: 96c5054e3e1f170c6276902d5bc65bb3b87a2603
2016-06-14Track skipped upstream commit IDs.Darren Tucker
There are a small number of "upstream" commits that do not correspond to a file in -portable. This file tracks those so that we can reconcile OpenBSD and Portable to ensure that no commits are accidentally missed. If you add something to .skipped-commit-ids please also add an upstream ID line in the following format when you commit it. Upstream-ID: 321065a95a7ccebdd5fd08482a1e19afbf524e35 Upstream-ID: d4f699a421504df35254cf1c6f1a7c304fb907ca Upstream-ID: aafe246655b53b52bc32c8a24002bc262f4230f7 Upstream-ID: 8fa9cd1dee3c3339ae329cf20fb591db6d605120 Upstream-ID: f31327a48dd4103333cc53315ec53fe65ed8a17a Upstream-ID: edbfde98c40007b7752a4ac106095e060c25c1ef Upstream-ID: 052fd565e3ff2d8cec3bc957d1788f50c827f8e2 Upstream-ID: 7cf73737f357492776223da1c09179fa6ba74660 Upstream-ID: 180d84674be1344e45a63990d60349988187c1ae Upstream-ID: f6ae971186ba68d066cd102e57d5b0b2c211a5ee