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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27dependV_8_3_P1V_8_3Damien Miller
2020-05-13make dependDamien Miller
2020-05-02Update .depend.Darren Tucker
2020-04-24Update .depend.Darren Tucker
2020-02-06dependDamien Miller
2020-01-26dependDamien Miller
2020-01-21dependDamien Miller
2020-01-14Update depend to remove rmd160.h.Darren Tucker
2020-01-06Remove auth-skey.c.Darren Tucker
2019-12-30refresh dependDamien Miller
2019-12-14adapt Makefile to ssh-sk-client everywhereDamien Miller
2019-12-11Sort depends.Darren Tucker
2019-12-11Update depend to include sk files.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15upstream: directly support U2F/FIDO2 security keys in OpenSSH
2019-11-02Rebuild .depend.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01dependDamien Miller
2019-10-09dependDamien Miller
2019-09-06upstream: fixes for !WITH_OPENSSL compilation; ok
2019-07-19Revert one dependency per line change.Darren Tucker
2019-07-19Force dependencies one per line.Darren Tucker
2019-07-19make depend.Darren Tucker
2019-07-16dependDamien Miller
2019-07-08remove realpath() compat replacementDamien Miller
2019-05-08upstream: Remove crc32.{c,h} which were only used by the
2019-04-18makedependV_8_0_P1Damien Miller
2019-02-24upstream: openssh-7.9 accidentally reused the server's algorithm
2019-01-23dependDamien Miller
2019-01-21dependDamien Miller
2019-01-20dependDamien Miller
2018-12-27upstream: move client/server SSH-* banners to buffers
2018-10-23regen dependDamien Miller
2018-10-11update dependsDamien Miller
2018-08-23rebuild dependenciesDamien Miller
2018-07-19upstream: Remove support for running ssh(1) setuid and fatal
2018-07-12upstream: remove legacy key emulation layer; ok
2018-07-10Adapt portable to legacy buffer API removalDamien Miller
2018-07-03dependDamien Miller
2018-03-03upstream: switch over to the new authorized_keys options API
2018-03-02upstream: refactor sshkey_read() to make it a little more, err,
2018-02-26updatedependDamien Miller
2018-02-15Regenerate dependencies after UNICOS removal.Darren Tucker
2018-01-23rebuild dependsDamien Miller
2017-12-19remove blocks.c from MakefileDamien Miller
2017-12-12Update .depend with empty config.hDarren Tucker
2017-12-11Add autogenerated dependency info to Makefile.Darren Tucker