AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupstream: Include cipher.h for declaration of
3 daysupstream: check result of strchr() against NULL rather
4 daysupstream: Document ssh-keygen -Z, sanity check its argument earlier
4 daysupstream: Set the specified TOS/DSCP for interactive use prior
4 daysupstream: clean up passing of struct passwd from monitor to
4 daysupstream: when loading PKCS#11 keys, include the key
4 daysupstream: when mentioning that the host key has changed, don'
6 daysUse "=" not "==" in string test.Darren Tucker
11 daysRestore correct flags during localtime_r check.Darren Tucker
11 daysupstream: When doing an sftp recursive upload or download of
11 daysAdd new pselect6_time64 syscall on ARM.Darren Tucker
11 daysupstream: Explicitly initialize all members of
11 daysupstream: draft-ietf-secsh-architecture is now
14 daysupstream: Specify that the KDF function is bcrypt. Based on
2020-11-16upstream: revert r1.341; it breaks ProxyJump; reported by
2020-11-13upstream: scrub keyboard-interactive authentication prompts
2020-11-13upstream: prefix keyboard interactive prompts with (user@host)
2020-11-13Remove use of TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME.Darren Tucker
2020-11-13Revert "detect Linux/X32 systems"Damien Miller
2020-11-13SELinux has deprecated security_context_tDamien Miller
2020-11-13Remove obsolete AC_HEADER_TIME macro.Darren Tucker
2020-11-13upstream: when prompting the user to accept a new hostkey,
2020-11-13upstream: Prevent integer overflow when ridiculously
2020-11-12upstream: fix logic error that broke URI parsing in
2020-11-12upstream: Free the previously allocated msg buffer after writing
2020-11-11Prevent excessively long username going to PAM.Darren Tucker
2020-11-09upstream: unbreak; missing NULL
2020-11-09upstream: when requesting a security key touch on stderr, inform
2020-11-09Remove preprocessor directive from log macro calls.Darren Tucker
2020-11-09upstream: Add a comment documenting the source of the moduli
2020-11-09upstream: Replace WITH_OPENSSL ifdefs in log calls with a
2020-11-06Fix function body for variadic macro test.Darren Tucker
2020-11-06Remove AC_PROC_CC_C99 obsoleted in autoconf 2.70.Darren Tucker
2020-11-06Replace AC_TRY_COMPILE obsoleted in autoconf 2.70.Darren Tucker
2020-11-06Move AC_PROG_CC_C99 to immediately afer AC_PROG_CC.Darren Tucker
2020-11-06AC_CHECK_HEADER() is obsoleted in autoconf 2.70.Darren Tucker
2020-11-04upstream: fold consecutive '*' wildcards to mitigate
2020-11-04upstream: print reason in fatal error message
2020-10-29upstream: fix sshd_config SetEnv directive inside Match blocks; part
2020-10-29upstream: fix type of nid in type_bits_valid(); github PR#202
2020-10-29upstream: whitespace; no code
2020-10-29upstream: UpdateHostkeys: fixed/better detection of host keys
2020-10-29session.c: use "denylist" terminologyDuncan Eastoe
2020-10-27Remove checks for strict POSIX mkdtemp()Damien Miller
2020-10-26upstream: Minor man page fixes (capitalization, commas) identified
2020-10-20upstream: Adapt XMSS to new logging infrastructure. With markus@,
2020-10-19upstream: fix SEGV on fatal() errors spotted by
2020-10-19Use fatal_fr not fatal_r when passing r.Darren Tucker
2020-10-18upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
2020-10-18upstream: variants of the log methods that append a ssherr.h