AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysupstream: don't sshbuf_get_u32() into an enum; reported by
4 daysupstream: typo in other_hostkeys_message() display output, ok
4 daysupstream: needs FILE*; from Mike
5 daysupdate dependV_8_5_P1V_8_5Damien Miller
5 daysupdate relnotes URLDamien Miller
5 daysupdate RPM spec version numbersDamien Miller
5 daysupstream:
6 daysOnly upload config logs if configure fails.Darren Tucker
7 daysupstream: Add %k to list of keywords.
7 daysupstream: Do not try to reset signal handler for signal 0
7 daysupstream: fix alphabetic ordering of options; spotted by Iain
8 dayszlib is now optional.Darren Tucker
8 daysFix punctuatio and typo in H. Johnson
9 daysRevert "ssh: optional bind interface if bind address specified."Damien Miller
9 daysdetech BSD libc hash functions in libbsd / libmdDamien Miller
9 daysssh: optional bind interface if bind address specified.Dmitrii Turlupov
9 daysupstream: remove this KEX fuzzer; it's awkward to use and doesn't
9 daysRemove macos-11.00 PAM test target too.Darren Tucker
9 daysupstream: a bit more debugging behind #ifdef
10 daysRemove macos-11.0 from the test target list.Darren Tucker
10 daystidy the $INSTALLKEY_SH code layout a littlePhilip Hands
10 daysif unable to add a missing newline, failJakub Jelen
10 daysuse $AUTH_KEY_DIR, now that we have itPhilip Hands
10 daysrestorecon the correct directoryJakub Jelen
10 daysupstream: s/PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes/PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms/
11 daysupstream: Rename pubkeyacceptedkeytypes to pubkeyacceptedalgorithms
11 daysupstream: Put obsolete aliases for hostbasedalgorithms
12 daysupstream: lots more s/key types/signature algorithms/ mostly
12 daysupstream: Correct reference to signature algorithms as keys;
12 daysAdd a couple more test VMs.Darren Tucker
12 daysValgrind test: split and move up list.Darren Tucker
12 daysupstream: warn when the user specifies a ForwardAgent path that
2021-02-21Disable rlimit sandbox, doesn't work with valgrindDarren Tucker
2021-02-20Upload valgrind logs on failure.Darren Tucker
2021-02-19Rename "vm" to "os" in selfhosted to match c-cpp.Darren Tucker
2021-02-19Upload regress failure logs in c-cpp too.Darren Tucker
2021-02-19Comment out Solaris 64bit PAM build...Darren Tucker
2021-02-19Actually run Valgrind tests.Darren Tucker
2021-02-19Add test against Valgrind.Darren Tucker
2021-02-18Add fbsd12 test target.Darren Tucker
2021-02-18Remove unused arg.Darren Tucker
2021-02-18Add DEBUG_SK to kitchensink builds.Darren Tucker
2021-02-18Add bbone test target (arm32).Darren Tucker
2021-02-18upstream: Fix the hostkeys rotation extension
2021-02-18upstream: make names in function prototypes match those
2021-02-18upstream: unbreak SK_DEBUG
2021-02-18upstream: sftp-server: implement
2021-02-18support OpenSSL 3.x cipher IV API changeDamien Miller
2021-02-18prefer login_getpwclass() to login_getclass()Damien Miller
2021-02-18Fixing quoting for installing moduli on target guest.Darren Tucker