AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysWrap stdint.h in ifdef HAVE_STDINT_H.HEADmasterDarren Tucker
7 daysupstream: put back the mux_ctx memleak fix, but only for channels
7 daysupstream: revert r1.399 - the lifetime of c->mux_ctx is more complex;
7 daysupstream: avoid tilde_expand_filename() in expanding ~/.ssh/rc -
7 daysupstream: when redirecting sshd's log output to a file, undo
7 daysupstream: start ClientAliveInterval bookkeeping before first
7 daysadd check for fido_cred_set_prot() to configureDamien Miller
7 daysupstream: Only reset the serveralive check when we receive traffic
7 dayssync sys-queue.h with OpenBSD upstreamDamien Miller
7 daysupstream: fix memory leak of mux_ctx; patch from Sergiy
7 daysupstream: free kex in ssh_packet_close; ok djm
7 daysupstream: Replace TAILQ concatenation loops with
13 daysupstream: backout 1.293 fix kex mem-leak in ssh_packet_close at
2020-06-26document a PAM spec problem in a frustrated commentDamien Miller
2020-06-26upstream: avoid spurious error message when ssh-keygen creates
2020-06-26missing ifdef SELINUX; spotted by dtuckerDamien Miller
2020-06-26upstream: regress test for ssh-add -d; ok
2020-06-26upstream: add test for mux w/-Oproxy; ok
2020-06-26upstream: handle EINTR in waitfd() and timeout_connect() helpers;
2020-06-26upstream: allow "ssh-add -d -" to read keys to be deleted
2020-06-26upstream: constify a few things; ok dtucker (as part of
2020-06-26upstream: Defer creation of ~/.ssh by ssh(1) until we attempt
2020-06-26upstream: Expand path to ~/.ssh/rc rather than relying on
2020-06-26upstream: fix kex mem-leak in ssh_packet_close; ok
2020-06-26upstream: fix ssh -O proxy w/mux which got broken by no
2020-06-26upstream: support loading big sshd_config files w/o realloc;
2020-06-26upstream: allow sshd_config longer than 256k; ok
2020-06-26upstream: only call sshkey_xmss_init() once for KEY_XMSS_CERT;
2020-06-26upstream: some clarifying
2020-06-26upstream: updated argument name for -P in first synopsis
2020-06-26upstream: supply word missing in previous;
2020-06-22missing files for webauthn/sshsig unit testDamien Miller
2020-06-22upstream: add support for verification of webauthn sshsig signature,
2020-06-22upstream: Add support for FIDO webauthn (verification only)
2020-06-22upstream: refactor ECDSA-SK verification a little ahead of
2020-06-22upstream: support for RFC4648 base64url encoding; ok
2020-06-22upstream: better terminology for permissions; feedback & ok
2020-06-22upstream: better terminology for permissions; feedback & ok
2020-06-22upstream: Correct synopsis and usage for the options accepted
2020-06-19Add OPENBSD ORIGINAL marker to bcrypt_pbkdf.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Extra brackets around sizeof() in bcrypt.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Add includes.h to new test.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Skip OpenSSL specific tests w/out OpenSSL.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Hook sshsig tests up to Portable Makefiles.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19upstream: Test that ssh-agent exits when running as as
2020-06-19upstream: run sshsig unit
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for sshsig.[ch], including FIDO
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for FIDO kep
2020-06-19upstream: check public host key matches private; ok markus@ (
2020-06-19upstream: avoid spurious "Unable to load host key" message