AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
16 hoursupstream: when AddKeysToAgent=yes is set and the key contains
16 hoursupstream: group14-sha1 is no longer a default
16 hoursupstream: reword HashKnownHosts description a little more;
16 hoursupstream: weaken the language for what HashKnownHosts provides
16 hoursupstream: the GatewayPorts vs -R listen address selection logic
17 hoursupstream: mention that permitopen=/PermitOpen do no name to
17 hoursinclude tunnel device path in error messageDamien Miller
18 hoursupstream: unrevert
19 hoursupstream: Move setting $NC into test-exec since it's now used
21 hoursPut EC key export inside OPENSSL_HAS_ECC.Darren Tucker
22 hoursupstream: Wait a bit longer for the multiplex master to become
22 hoursupstream: Add a connection test for proxycommand. This would
22 hoursupstream: set UpdateKnownHosts=ask by default; bz#2894;
22 hoursupstream: allow UpdateKnownHosts=yes to function when
22 hoursupstream: process security key provider via realpath() in agent,
22 hoursupstream: expose PKCS#11 key labels/X.509 subjects as
22 hoursupstream: tweak proctitle to include sshd arguments, as these
22 hoursupstream: add xextendf() to extend a string with a
22 hoursupstream: minor tweaks to ssh-keygen -Y
22 hoursupstream: remove ssh-rsa (SHA1) from the list of allowed
22 hoursupstream: when signing a certificate with an RSA key, default
22 hoursupstream: allow PEM export of DSA and ECDSA keys; bz3091,
22 hoursupstream: ssh-keygen -Y find-principals fixes based on
44 hoursupstream: Do not warn about permissions on
2 daysupstream: Handle zlib compression being disabled now that it'
2 daysupstream: Fix typo in
2 daysupstream: When checking for unsafe directories, ignore
2 dayszlib is now optional.Darren Tucker
2 daysPlumb WITH_ZLIB into configure.Darren Tucker
3 daysupstream: Make zlib optional. This adds a "ZLIB" build time
3 daysupstream: remove trailing period characters from pub/priv
3 daysFix a couple of mysig_t leftovers.Darren Tucker
3 daysRemove mysignal wrapper.Darren Tucker
3 daysupstream: new sentence, new line;
3 daysupstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
3 daysupstream: missing header change from previous; spotted by
3 daysupstream: Check for and warn about StrictModes permission problems. ok
3 daysupstream: Also test PuTTY
3 daysupstream: Also test PuTTY ecdh kex
3 daysupstream: Remove unsupported algorithms from list of defaults at
3 daysupstream: add a new signature operations "find-principal" to
3 daysupstream: Ignore whitespace when checking explict
4 daysupstream: Increase keyscan timeout from default. On slow hosts
4 daysupstream: remove diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 from default kex
4 daysupstream: For ssh-keygen -lF only add a space after key
4 daysupstream: some __func__ and strerror(errno) here; no
4 daysupstream: factor out parsing of allowed-signers
4 daysunbreak fuzzer support for recent ssh-sk.h changesDamien Miller
4 daysupstream: expose the number of currently-authenticating
4 daysupstream: document the default value of the ControlPersist option;