AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysupstream: Use $SUDO when reading sshd's pidfile here
2 daysupstream: Use $SUDO when reading sshd's pidfile in case it
2 daysupstream: Set umask when creating hostkeys to prevent
2 daysupstream: Add regress test for SIGHUP
2 daysupstream: Continue accept loop when
4 daysupstream: test that UserKnownHostsFile correctly accepts
4 daysupstream: fix regression in r1.356: for ssh_config options
4 daysupstream: test argv_split() optional termination on
4 daysupstream: Add testcases from bz#3319 for IPQoS and
4 daysupstream: sprinkle some "# comment" at end of configuration
4 daysupstream: more descriptive failure
4 daysupstream: test AuthenticationMethods inside a Match block as
4 daysupstream: prepare for stricter sshd_config parsing that will
4 daysupstream: switch sshd_config parsing to argv_split()
4 daysupstream: Switch ssh_config parsing to use argv_split()
4 daysupstream: Check if IPQoS or TunnelDevice are already set
4 daysupstream: Allow argv_split() to optionally terminate
5 daysSave logs on failure for upstream testDarren Tucker
5 daysAdd obsdsnap-i386 upstream test target.Darren Tucker
5 daysupstream: fix debug message when finding a private key to match
6 daysupstream: Match host certificates against host public keys, not
6 daysupstream: Client-side workaround for a bug in OpenSSH 7.4: this
6 daysupstream: degrade gracefully if a sftp-server offers
6 daysupstream: the extension was incorrectly
6 daysupstream: PROTOCOL.certkeys: update reference from IETF draft
8 daysClear notify_pipe from readset if present.Darren Tucker
8 daysspace->tabs.Darren Tucker
8 daysAdd pselect implementation for platforms without.Darren Tucker
8 daysauth_log: dont log partial successes as failuresVincent Brillault
8 daysupstream: The RB_GENERATE_STATIC(3) macro expands to a series
8 daysupstream: rework authorized_keys example section, removing
8 daysupstream: adjust SetEnv description to clarify $TERM
8 daysupstream: Switch the listening select loop from select()
8 daysupstream: allow ssh_config SetEnv to override $TERM, which is
8 daysupstream: correct extension name "no-presence-required" =>
10 daysRetire fbsd7 test target.Darren Tucker
11 daysCheck for $OPENSSL in md5 fallback too.Darren Tucker
11 daysAdd dfly60 target.Darren Tucker
11 daysupstream: Merge back shell portability
11 daysupstream: Use a default value for $OPENSSL,
11 daysupstream: Find openssl binary via environment variable.
11 daysupstream: fix memleak in
11 daysupstream: also check contents of remaining
11 daysupstream: unit test for misc.c:strdelim() that mostly servces
12 daysPut minix3 config in the host-specific block.Darren Tucker
12 daysupstream: Hash challenge supplied by client during FIDO key
2021-05-27Include login_cap.h for login_getpwclass override.Darren Tucker
2021-05-27Add minix3 test target.Darren Tucker
2021-05-26upstream: fix SEGV in UpdateHostkeys debug() message,
2021-05-26upstream: ssh: The client configuration keyword