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@@ -37,9 +37,15 @@ There is now several mailing lists for this port of OpenSSH. Please
refer to for details on how to join.
Please send bug reports and patches to the mailing list The list is currently open to posting by The list is open to posting by
unsubscribed users.
+If you are a citizen of the USA or another country which restricts
+export of cryptographic products, then please refrain from sending
+crypto-related code or patches to the list. We cannot accept them.
+Other code contribution are accepted, but please follow the OpenBSD
+style guidelines[5].
Please refer to the INSTALL document for information on how to install
OpenSSH on your system. The UPGRADING document details differences
between this port of OpenSSH and F-Secure SSH 1.x.
@@ -59,4 +65,5 @@ References -
[4] (PAM is standard on Solaris)