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You will need working installations of Zlib and OpenSSL.
OpenSSL 0.9.5a or greater:
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ need a working installation of GNOME, including the development
headers, for this to work.
--with-random=/some/file allows you to specify an alternate source of
-random numbers (the default is /dev/urandom). Unless you are absolutly
+random numbers (the default is /dev/urandom). Unless you are absolutely
sure of what you are doing, it is best to leave this alone.
--with-egd-pool=/some/file allows you to enable Entropy Gathering
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ are installed.
real (AF_INET) IPv4 addresses. Works around some quirks on Linux.
If you need to pass special options to the compiler or linker, you
-can specify these as enviornment variables before running ./configure.
+can specify these as environment variables before running ./configure.
For example:
CFLAGS="-O -m486" LFLAGS="-s" LIBS="-lrubbish" LD="/usr/foo/ld" ./configure
@@ -186,5 +186,5 @@ for sshd, ssh and ssh-agent.
If you experience problems compiling, installing or running OpenSSH.
Please refer to the "reporting bugs" section of the webpage at