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@@ -15,6 +15,12 @@ supports it. PAM is standard on Redhat and Debian Linux and on Solaris.
+OpenSSH can also use the Dante SOCKS libraries, version 1.1.1pre1 or higher,
+if you have them installed on your system.
If you wish to build the GNOME passphrase requester, you will need the GNOME
libraries and headers.
@@ -75,6 +81,14 @@ you may need to edit it before using it on your system.
There are a few other options to the configure script:
+--with-rsh=PATH allows you to specify the path to your rsh program.
+Normally ./configure will search the current $PATH for 'rsh'. You
+may need to specify this option if rsh is not in your path or has a
+different name.
+--without-pam will disable PAM support. PAM is automatically detected
+and switched on if found.
--enable-gnome-askpass will build the GNOME passphrase dialog. You
need a working installation of GNOME, including the development
headers, for this to work.
@@ -89,6 +103,12 @@ use this if your Unix does not support the /dev/urandom device (or
similar). The file argument refers to the EGD pool file, not the
EGD program itself. Please refer to the EGD documentation.
+--with-lastlog=FILE will specify the location of the lastlog file.
+./configure searches a few locations for lastlog, but may not find
+it if lastlog is installed in a different place.
+--without-lastlog will disable lastlog support entirely.
--with-kerberos4 will enable Kerberos IV support. You will need to
have the Kerberos libraries and header files installed for this to
@@ -105,6 +125,21 @@ support. You will need libwrap.a and tcpd.h installed.
--with-md5-passwords will enable the use of MD5 passwords. Enable this
if your operating system uses MD5 passwords without using PAM.
+--with-utmpx enables utmpx support. utmpx support is automatic for
+some platforms.
+--without-shadow disables shadow password support.
+--with-ipaddr-display forces the use of a numeric IP address in the
+$DISPLAY environment variable. Some broken systems need this.
+--with-default-path=PATH allows you to specify a default $PATH for sessions
+started by sshd.
+--with-dante[=DIR] will enable Dante SOCKS library support. If the Dante
+libsocks library isn't installed in a library searched by the compiler,
+add the directory name as the option.
If you need to pass special options to the compiler or linker, you
can specify these as enviornment variables before running ./configure.
For example: