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committerDarren Tucker <>2018-02-28 16:52:12 +1100
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Conditionally compile XMSS code.
The XMSS code is currently experimental and, unlike the rest of OpenSSH cannot currently be compiled with a c89 compiler.
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diff --git a/xmss_wots.h b/xmss_wots.h
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--- a/xmss_wots.h
+++ b/xmss_wots.h
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+#ifdef WITH_XMSS
wots.h version 20160722
Andreas Hülsing
@@ -59,3 +60,4 @@ int wots_sign(unsigned char *sig, const unsigned char *msg, const unsigned char
int wots_pkFromSig(unsigned char *pk, const unsigned char *sig, const unsigned char *msg, const wots_params *params, const unsigned char *pub_seed, uint32_t addr[8]);
+#endif /* WITH_XMSS */