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[ssh-keyscan.1] kill some bad Pa; From: Jan Stary
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-.\" $OpenBSD: ssh-keyscan.1,v 1.33 2013/12/07 11:58:46 naddy Exp $
+.\" $OpenBSD: ssh-keyscan.1,v 1.34 2014/01/28 14:13:39 jmc Exp $
.\" Copyright 1995, 1996 by David Mazieres <>.
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
.\" permitted provided that due credit is given to the author and the
.\" OpenBSD project by leaving this copyright notice intact.
-.Dd $Mdocdate: December 7 2013 $
+.Dd $Mdocdate: January 28 2014 $
@@ -56,14 +56,16 @@ Forces
to use IPv6 addresses only.
.It Fl f Ar file
Read hosts or
-.Pa addrlist namelist
-pairs from this file, one per line.
+.Dq addrlist namelist
+pairs from
+.Ar file ,
+one per line.
.Pa -
is supplied instead of a filename,
will read hosts or
-.Pa addrlist namelist
+.Dq addrlist namelist
pairs from the standard input.
.It Fl H
Hash all hostnames and addresses in the output.
@@ -78,7 +80,7 @@ Port to connect to on the remote host.
.It Fl T Ar timeout
Set the timeout for connection attempts.
-.Pa timeout
+.Ar timeout
seconds have elapsed since a connection was initiated to a host or since the
last time anything was read from that host, then the connection is
closed and the host in question considered unavailable.
@@ -117,23 +119,23 @@ On the other hand, if the security model allows such a risk,
can help in the detection of tampered keyfiles or man in the middle
attacks which have begun after the ssh_known_hosts file was created.
-.Pa Input format:
+Input format:
.Bd -literal,,name,,n,,
-.Pa Output format for rsa1 keys:
+Output format for rsa1 keys:
.Bd -literal
host-or-namelist bits exponent modulus
-.Pa Output format for rsa, dsa and ecdsa keys:
+Output format for rsa, dsa and ecdsa keys:
.Bd -literal
host-or-namelist keytype base64-encoded-key
-.Pa keytype
+.Ar keytype
is either
.Dq ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 ,
.Dq ecdsa-sha2-nistp384 ,
@@ -145,10 +147,8 @@ or
.Pa /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts
-Print the
-.Pa rsa
-host key for machine
-.Pa hostname :
+Print the rsa host key for machine
+.Ar hostname :
.Bd -literal
$ ssh-keyscan hostname