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authorDamien Miller <>2000-03-09 21:27:49 +1100
committerDamien Miller <>2000-03-09 21:27:49 +1100
commit98c7ad60ec5725d91da9f9f6d26cd9fe477398c0 (patch)
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parent1a07ebd4d8d39c6814bbd84c1aec4ebf2bd005a2 (diff)
- OpenBSD CVS updates to v1.2.3
[ssh.h atomicio.c] - int atomicio -> ssize_t (for alpha). ok deraadt@ [auth-rsa.c] - delay MD5 computation until client sends response, free() early, cleanup. [cipher.c] - void* -> unsigned char*, ok niels@ [hostfile.c] - remove unused variable 'len'. fix comments. - remove unused variable [log-client.c log-server.c] - rename a cpp symbol, to avoid param.h collision [packet.c] - missing xfree() - getsockname() requires initialized tolen; - use getpeername() in packet_connection_is_on_socket(), fixes sshd -i; from Holger.Trapp@Informatik.TU-Chemnitz.DE [pty.c pty.h] - register cleanup for pty earlier. move code for pty-owner handling to pty.c ok provos@, dugsong@ [readconf.c] - turn off x11-fwd for the client, too. [rsa.c] - PKCS#1 padding [scp.c] - allow '.' in usernames; from [servconf.c] - typo: ignore_user_known_hosts int->flag; - sync with sshd_config [ssh-keygen.c] - enable ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts, ok deraadt@ [ssh.1] - Change invalid 'CHAT' loglevel to 'VERBOSE' [ssh.c] - suppress AAAA query host when '-4' is used; from - turn off x11-fwd for the client, too. [sshconnect.c] - missing xfree() - retry rresvport_af(), too. from - read error vs. "Connection closed by remote host" [sshd.8] - ie. -> i.e., - do not link to a commercial page.. - sync with sshd_config [sshd.c] - no need for poll.h; from - log with level log() not fatal() if peer behaves badly. - don't panic if client behaves strange. ok deraadt@ - make no-port-forwarding for RSA keys deny both -L and -R style fwding - delay close() of pty until the pty has been chowned back to root - oops, fix comment, too. - missing xfree() - move XAUTHORITY to subdir. ok dugsong@. fixes debian bug #57907, too. ( - register cleanup for pty earlier. move code for pty-owner handling to pty.c ok provos@, dugsong@ - create x11 cookie file - fix pr 1113, fclose() -> pclose(), todo: remote popen() - version 1.2.3 - Cleaned up
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diff --git a/pty.c b/pty.c
index 4c2dc9cf..cf8d6888 100644
--- a/pty.c
+++ b/pty.c
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
#include "includes.h"
-RCSID("$Id: pty.c,v 1.14 2000/03/02 12:56:13 damien Exp $");
+RCSID("$Id: pty.c,v 1.15 2000/03/09 10:27:51 damien Exp $");
#ifdef HAVE_UTIL_H
# include <util.h>