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authorDamien Miller <>2000-05-30 13:44:51 +1000
committerDamien Miller <>2000-05-30 13:44:51 +1000
commitb1715dc0cf5ea91707b437310f63b17bed2dc7a6 (patch)
treef7fe557697d12b37c6be6a97c6ce083d23fd07de /kex.h
parent9448c002db7427058ecca76760f3a75e379bf0a1 (diff)
- OpenBSD CVS updates:
- [session.c] make x11-fwd work w/ localhost (xauth add host/unix:11) [cipher.c compat.c readconf.c servconf.c] check strtok() != NULL; ok niels@ [key.c] fix key_read() for uuencoded keys w/o '=' [serverloop.c] group ssh1 vs. ssh2 in serverloop [kex.c kex.h myproposal.h sshconnect2.c sshd.c] split kexinit/kexdh, factor out common code [readconf.c ssh.1 ssh.c] forwardagent defaults to no, add ssh -A - [session.c] just some line shortening
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/kex.h b/kex.h
index 5395ebc3..7e5c6702 100644
--- a/kex.h
+++ b/kex.h
@@ -91,12 +91,17 @@ struct Kex {
Buffer *kex_init(char *myproposal[PROPOSAL_MAX]);
-int dh_pub_is_valid(DH *dh, BIGNUM *dh_pub);
-DH *dh_new_group1();
-Kex *kex_choose_conf(char *cprop[PROPOSAL_MAX], char *sprop[PROPOSAL_MAX], int server);
+ Buffer *my_kexinit, Buffer *peer_kexint,
+ char *peer_proposal[PROPOSAL_MAX]);
+Kex *
+kex_choose_conf(char *cprop[PROPOSAL_MAX],
+ char *sprop[PROPOSAL_MAX], int server);
int kex_derive_keys(Kex *k, unsigned char *hash, BIGNUM *shared_secret);
-void bignum_print(BIGNUM *b);
void packet_set_kex(Kex *k);
+int dh_pub_is_valid(DH *dh, BIGNUM *dh_pub);
+DH *dh_new_group1();
unsigned char *