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@@ -111,6 +111,12 @@ You'll have to decide before starting sshd!
RSAAuthentication yes
+Please note that OpenSSH does never use the value of $HOME to
+search for the users configuration files! It always uses the
+value of the pw_dir field in /etc/passwd as the home directory.
+If no home diretory is set in /etc/passwd, the root directory
+is used instead!
You may use all features of the CYGWIN=ntsec setting the same
way as they are used by the `login' port on
@@ -129,10 +135,10 @@ way as they are used by the `login' port on
locuser::1104:513:John Doe,U-user,S-1-5-21-...
-V2 server and user keys are generated by `ssh-config'. If you want to
-create DSA keys by yourself, call ssh-keygen with `-d' option.
+SSH2 server and user keys are generated by the `ssh-*-config' scripts
+as well.
-DSA authentication similar to RSA:
+SSH2 authentication similar to SSH1:
Add keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2
Interop. w/ dsa-keys:
ssh-keygen -f /key/from/ -X >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2