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- (bal) Updated contrib/README to remove 'make-ssh-known-hosts' and
give Mark Roth credit for
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@@ -17,12 +17,6 @@ Ricardo Cerqueira's <> patch to enable chrooting using the
wu-ftpd style magic home directories (containing '/./'). More details in
the head of the patch itself.
-Tero Kivinen's <> PERL script to generate
-ssh_known_hosts files by trawling tjhrough the DNS. More details in the
Phil Hands' <> shell script to automate the process of adding
@@ -45,7 +39,8 @@ Dominik Brettnacher <>
Converts mdoc formated manpages into normal manpages. This can be used
-on Solaris machines to provide manpages that are not preformated.
+on Solaris machines to provide manpages that are not preformated.
+Contributed by Mark D. Roth <>
@@ -65,4 +60,3 @@ Jim Knoble <> has written an excellent X11
passphrase requester. This is highly recommended: