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- (bal) Fixed spelling of 'authorized_keys' in ssh-copy-id.1 by Christian Kurz <> 20001228 - (bal) SCO patch to not include <sys/queue.h> since it's unrelated header. Patch by Tim Rice <> - Updated TODO w/ known HP/UX issue - (bal) removed extra <netdb.h> noticed by Kevin Steves and removed the bad reference to 'NeXT including it else were' on the #ifdef version.
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diff --git a/contrib/ssh-copy-id.1 b/contrib/ssh-copy-id.1
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+++ b/contrib/ssh-copy-id.1
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ option is used, or the
produced no output, then it uses the contents of the identity
file. Once it has one or more fingerprints (by whatever means) it
uses ssh to append them to
-.B ~/.ssh/authorised_keys
+.B ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
on the remote machine (creating the file, and directory, if necessary)