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[contrib/solaris/, contrib/solaris/README] Updated to
build on all platforms that support SVR4 style package tools. Now runs from build dir. Parts are based on patches from Antonio Navarro, and Darren Tucker.
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The following is a new package build script for Solaris. This is being
introduced into OpenSSH 3.0 and above in hopes of simplifying the build
+process. As of 3.1p2 the script should work on all platforms that have
+SVR4 style package tools.
The build process is called a 'dummy install'.. Which means the software does
a "make install-nokeys DESTDIR=[fakeroot]". This way all manpages should
@@ -11,7 +12,8 @@ Directions:
1. make -F distprep (Only if you are getting from the CVS tree)
2. ./configure --with-pam [..any other options you want..]
-3. cd contrib/solaris; ./
+3. look at the top of contrib/solaris/ for the configurable options.
+4. ./contrib/solaris/
If all goes well you should have a solaris package ready to be installed.
@@ -20,9 +22,3 @@ and I will try to assist you as best as I can.
- Ben Lindstrom
-- Expand to cover all sysvr4 family of OSes
-- Clean things up a bit more.
-- Detect if sshd is running and refuse to start.
-- SHOULD check for existing sshd_config nor ssh_config (does not currently).
- [Post install script? Ugh.. Nasty]