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authorDamien Miller <>2000-04-04 14:38:59 +1000
committerDamien Miller <>2000-04-04 14:38:59 +1000
commit33b13568b520b25990261206e10c941a9270238f (patch)
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- OpenBSD CVS update:
- [packet.h packet.c] ssh2 packet format - [packet.h packet.c nchan.h compat.h compat.c] [channels.h channels.c] channel layer support for ssh2 - [kex.h kex.c hmac.h hmac.c dsa.c dsa.h] DSA, keyexchange, algorithm agreement for ssh2
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1 files changed, 14 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/channels.h b/channels.h
index 73ff5a59..33af09d9 100644
--- a/channels.h
+++ b/channels.h
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-/* RCSID("$Id: channels.h,v 1.5 2000/04/01 01:09:23 damien Exp $"); */
+/* RCSID("$Id: channels.h,v 1.6 2000/04/04 04:39:01 damien Exp $"); */
#ifndef CHANNELS_H
#define CHANNELS_H
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ typedef struct Channel {
/* peer can be reached over encrypted connection, via packet-sent */
int istate; /* input from channel (state of receive half) */
int ostate; /* output to channel (state of transmit half) */
+ int flags; /* close sent/rcvd */
int rfd; /* read fd */
int wfd; /* write fd */
int efd; /* extended fd */
@@ -66,21 +67,30 @@ typedef struct Channel {
+void channel_set_fds(int id, int rfd, int wfd, int efd, int extusage);
void channel_open(int id);
+void channel_request(int id, char *service, int wantconfirm);
+void channel_request_start(int id, char *service, int wantconfirm);
+void channel_register_callback(int id, int mtype, channel_callback_fn *fn, void *arg);
+void channel_register_cleanup(int id, channel_callback_fn *fn);
+void channel_cancel_cleanup(int id);
Channel *channel_lookup(int id);
channel_new(char *ctype, int type, int rfd, int wfd, int efd,
int window, int maxpack, int extended_usage, char *remote_name);
+void channel_input_channel_request(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_close(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_close_confirmation(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_data(int type, int plen);
+void channel_input_extended_data(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_ieof(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_oclose(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_open_confirmation(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_open_failure(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_port_open(int type, int plen);
+void channel_input_window_adjust(int type, int plen);
void channel_input_open(int type, int plen);
/* Sets specific protocol options. */
@@ -218,4 +228,7 @@ void auth_input_request_forwarding(struct passwd * pw);
/* This is called to process an SSH_SMSG_AGENT_OPEN message. */
void auth_input_open_request(int type, int plen);
+/* XXX */
+int channel_connect_to(const char *host, u_short host_port);