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Added in Linux's select issue to TODO. Which may have to do with the
shell/sshd not sending a -TERM/-HUP to the grandchildren at the right time in the exiting process.
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@@ -11,6 +11,12 @@ Programming:
- Support 64bit ints on machines that lack 'long long' and u_intXX_t
+- Linux hangs for 20 seconds when you do "sleep 20&exit". All current
+ solutions break scp or leaves processes hanging around after the ssh
+ connection has ended. It seems to be linked to two things. One
+ select() under Linux is not as nice as others, and two the children
+ of the shell are not killed on exiting the shell.
- More and better
@@ -45,4 +51,3 @@ Packaging:
- HP/UX: Provide DEPOT package scripts.