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Lots of changes:
- Removed lots of unnecessary checks from autoconf - Added support and autoconf test for openpty() function (Unix98 pty support) - Fix for scp not finding ssh if not installed as /usr/bin/ssh - Added TODO file - Merged parts of Debian patch From Phil Hands <>: - Added ssh-askpass program - Added ssh-askpass support to ssh-add.c - Create symlinks for slogin on install - Fix "distclean" target in makefile - Added example for ssh-agent to manpage - Added support for PAM_TEXT_INFO messages - Disable internal /etc/nologin support if PAM enabled - Merged latest OpenBSD CVS changes: - [sshd.c] don't send fail-msg but disconnect if too many authentication failures - [sshd.c] replace assert() with error, fatal or packet_disconnect - [sshd.c] remove unused argument. ok dugsong - [sshd.c] typo - [rsa.c] clear buffers used for encryption. ok: niels - [rsa.c] replace assert() with error, fatal or packet_disconnect - Fixed coredump after merge of OpenBSD rsa.c patch
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+-- Replacement for setproctitle()
+-- Improve PAM support (a pam_lastlog module will cause sshd to exit)
+-- Better documentation
+-- Port to other platforms