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@@ -14,14 +14,18 @@ function.
When privsep is enabled, during the pre-authentication phase sshd will
chroot(2) to "/var/empty" and change its privileges to the "sshd" user
-and its primary group. You should do something like the following to
-prepare the privsep preauth environment:
+and its primary group. sshd is a pseudo-account that should not be
+used by other daemons, and must be locked and should contain a
+"nologin" or invalid shell.
+You should do something like the following to prepare the privsep
+preauth environment:
# mkdir /var/empty
# chown root:sys /var/empty
# chmod 755 /var/empty
# groupadd sshd
- # useradd -g sshd -c 'sshd privsep' -d /var/empty sshd
+ # useradd -g sshd -c 'sshd privsep' -d /var/empty -s /bin/false sshd
/var/empty should not contain any files.
@@ -54,4 +58,4 @@ process 1005 is the sshd process listening for new connections.
process 6917 is the privileged monitor process, 6919 is the user owned
sshd process and 6921 is the shell process.
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