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upstream commit Unix domain foward messages do not contain a "reserved for future use" field and in fact, serverloop.c checks that there isn't one. Remove erroneous mention from PROTOCOL description. bz#2421 from Daniel Black Upstream-ID: 3d51a19e64f72f764682f1b08f35a8aa810a43ac
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@@ -247,7 +247,6 @@ to request that the server make a connection to a Unix domain socket.
uint32 initial window size
uint32 maximum packet size
string socket path
- string reserved for future use
Similar to forwarded-tcpip, forwarded-streamlocal is sent by the
server when the client has previously send the server a streamlocal-forward
@@ -453,4 +452,4 @@ respond with a SSH_FXP_STATUS message.
This extension is advertised in the SSH_FXP_VERSION hello with version
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