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[sftp-server.c sftp.1 sftp-client.h sftp.c PROTOCOL sftp-client.c] add a protocol extension to support a hard link operation. It is available through the "ln" command in the client. The old "ln" behaviour of creating a symlink is available using its "-s" option or through the preexisting "symlink" command; based on a patch from miklos AT in bz#1555; ok markus@
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@@ -275,4 +275,20 @@ The values of the f_flag bitmask are as follows:
Both the "" and "" extensions are
advertised in the SSH_FXP_VERSION hello with version "2".
-$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.16 2010/08/31 11:54:45 djm Exp $
+10. sftp: Extension request ""
+This request is for creating a hard link to a regular file. This
+request is implemented as a SSH_FXP_EXTENDED request with the
+following format:
+ uint32 id
+ string ""
+ string oldpath
+ string newpath
+On receiving this request the server will perform the operation
+link(oldpath, newpath) and will respond with a SSH_FXP_STATUS message.
+This extension is advertised in the SSH_FXP_VERSION hello with version
+$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.17 2010/12/04 00:18:01 djm Exp $