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upstream: mention for sending SIGINFO
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@@ -334,6 +334,13 @@ a server may offer multiple keys of the same type for a period (to
give clients an opportunity to learn them using this extension) before
removing the deprecated key from those offered.
+2.6. connection: SIGINFO support for "signal" channel request
+The SSH channels protocol (RFC4254 section 6.9) supports sending a
+signal to a session attached to a channel. OpenSSH supports one
+extension signal "" that allows sending SIGINFO on
+BSD-derived systems.
3. SFTP protocol changes
3.1. sftp: Reversal of arguments to SSH_FXP_SYMLINK
@@ -489,4 +496,4 @@ OpenSSH's connection multiplexing uses messages as described in
PROTOCOL.mux over a Unix domain socket for communications between a
master instance and later clients.
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