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UpdateHostKeys fixes: I accidentally changed the format of the messages last week without changing the extension name, and this has been causing connection failures for people who are running -current. First reported by sthen@ s/ Change the name of the proof message too, and reorder it a little. Also, UpdateHostKeys=ask is incompatible with ControlPersist (no TTY available to read the response) so disable UpdateHostKeys if it is in ask mode and ControlPersist is active (and document this)
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@@ -282,15 +282,15 @@ by the client cancel the forwarding of a Unix domain socket.
boolean FALSE
string socket path
-2.5. connection: hostkey update and rotation ""
-and ""
+2.5. connection: hostkey update and rotation ""
+and ""
OpenSSH supports a protocol extension allowing a server to inform
a client of all its protocol v.2 host keys after user-authentication
has completed.
- string ""
+ string ""
string[] hostkeys
Upon receiving this message, a client should check which of the
@@ -300,15 +300,15 @@ to request the server prove ownership of the private half of the
- string ""
+ string ""
char 1 /* want-reply */
string[] hostkeys
When a server receives this message, it should generate a signature
using each requested key over the following:
+ string ""
string session identifier
- string ""
string hostkey
These signatures should be included in the reply, in the order matching
@@ -453,4 +453,4 @@ respond with a SSH_FXP_STATUS message.
This extension is advertised in the SSH_FXP_VERSION hello with version
-$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.26 2015/02/16 22:13:32 djm Exp $
+$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.27 2015/02/20 22:17:21 djm Exp $