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- Grab server in gnome-ssh-askpass (Debian bug #49872)
- Released 1.2pre10
+ - Added INSTALL documentation
- Added (untested) Entropy Gathering Daemon (EGD) support
- Fixed /dev/urandom fd leak (Debian bug #49722)
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+1. Prerequisites
+You will need working installations of Zlib and OpenSSL.
+OpenSSH can utilise Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) if your system
+supports it. PAM is standard on Redhat and Debian Linux and on Solaris.
+If you wish to build the GNOME passphrase requestor, you will need the GNOME
+libraries and headers.
+If you are planning to use OpenSSH on a Unix which lacks a Kernel random
+number generator (/dev/urandom), you will need to install the Entropy
+Gathering Daemon (or similar). You will also need to specify the
+--with-egd-pool option to ./configure.
+2. Building / Installation
+To install OpenSSH with default options:
+make install
+This will install the OpenSSH binaries in /usr/local/bin, configuration files
+in /usr/local/etc, the server in /usr/local/sbin, etc. To specify a different
+installation prefix, use the --prefix option to configure:
+./configure --prefix=/opt
+make install
+Will install OpenSSH in /opt/{bin,etc,lib,sbin}. You can also override
+specific paths, for example:
+./configure --prefix=/opt --sysconfdir=/etc/ssh
+make install
+This will install the binaries in /opt/{bin,lib,sbin}, but will place the
+configuration files in /etc/ssh.
+There are a few other options to the configure script:
+--enable-gnome-askpass will build the GNOME passphrase dialog. You need a
+working installation of GNOME, including the development headers, for this
+to work.
+--with-random=/some/file allows you to specify an alternate source of
+random numbers (the default is /dev/urandom). Unless you are absolutly
+sure of what you are doing, it is best to leave this alone.
+--with-egd-pool=/some/file allows you to enable Entropy Gathering Daemon
+support and to specify a EGD pool socket. You will need to use this if your
+Unix does not support the /dev/urandom device (or similar).
+3. Configuration
+The runtime configuration files are installed by in ${prefix}/etc or
+whatever you specified as your --sysconfdir (/usr/local/etc by default).
+The default configuration should be instantly usable, though you should
+review it to ensure that it matches your security requirements.
+For more information on configuration, please refer to the manual pages
+for sshd, ssh and ssh-agent.
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-To build OpenSSH, use the configure script provided. For example:
-./configure --prefix=/opt/openssh
-make install
-Will install the OpenSSH binaries in /opt/openssh/bin, the
-configuration files in /opt/openssh/etc, and so forth.
+Please refer to the INSTALL document for information on how to install
+OpenSSH on your system.
Damien Miller <>
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- Better documentation
-- Port to other platforms
+- Port to other platforms (Finish Solaris support)
- Fix paths in manpages using autoconf
- Enable libwrap support using autoconf switch
+- Better testing on non-PAM systems