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Update README doc to include missing test cases
Readme regress document is missing various individual tests, which are supported currently. Update README to include those test cases.
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@@ -63,28 +63,79 @@ the main test driver. Sets environment, creates config files
and keys and runs the specified test.
At the time of writing, the individual tests are: agent timeout test simple agent test broken pipe test proxy connect with privsep simple connect proxy connect proxy connect with privsep uri connect sshd version with different protocol combinations protocol version mismatch remote exit status local and remote forwarding change passphrase for key environment passing transfer data banner rekey stderr data transfer stderr data after eof broken pipe test try ciphers yes pipe head connect after login grace timeout simple connect via agent disallow agent attach from other uid agent timeout test disallow agent ptrace attach keyscan protocol version mismatch sshd version with different protocol combinations proxy connect change passphrase for key convert keys keygen moduli key options scp scp-uri basic sftp put/get sftp in chroot sftp command sftp invalid commands sftp batchfile sftp glob sftp permissions sftp-uri connect with client key import basic sftp put/get with server connect to server stderr data after eof stderr data transfer transfer data try ciphers yes pipe head simple connect after reconfigure dynamic forwarding local and remote forwarding connection multiplexing reexec tests broken keys ssh config parse sshd config parse sshd_config match sshd_config matchlisten address match localcommand forced command port number parsing login with different key types login with different key exchange algorithms certified host keys certified user keys expand %h and %n authorized keys from command sshd control of local and remote forwarding integrity key revocation lists multiple pubkey restrict pubkey type hostkey agent ssh-keygen known_hosts hostkey rotate authorized principals command ssh with certificates config include AllowUsers/DenyUsers authinfo