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Mailing list is now closed to non-subscribers.
While there, add a reference to the bugzilla. ok djm@
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@@ -29,10 +29,10 @@ all logins, not just when using password authentication.
There is now several mailing lists for this port of OpenSSH. Please
refer to for details on how to join.
-Please send bug reports and patches to the mailing list The list is open to posting by unsubscribed
-users. Code contribution are welcomed, but please follow the OpenBSD
-style guidelines[1].
+Please send bug reports and patches to or
+the mailing list To mitigate spam, the
+list only allows posting from subscribed addresses. Code contribution
+are welcomed, but please follow the OpenBSD style guidelines[1].
Please refer to the INSTALL document for information on dependencies and
how to install OpenSSH on your system.