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Switch upstream git repository.
Previously portable OpenSSH has synced against a conversion of OpenBSD's CVS repository made using the git cvsimport tool, but this has become increasingly unreliable. As of this commit, portable OpenSSH now tracks a conversion of the OpenBSD CVS upstream made using the excellent cvs2gitdump tool from YASUOKA Masahiko: cvs2gitdump is considerably more reliable than gitcvsimport and the old version of cvsps that it uses under the hood, and is the same tool used to export the entire OpenBSD repository to git (so we know it can cope with future growth). These new conversions are mirrored at github, so interested parties can match portable OpenSSH commits to their upstream counterparts. An unfortunate side effect of switching upstreams is that we must have a flag day, across which the upstream commit IDs will be inconsistent. The old commit IDs are recorded with the tags "Upstream-ID" for main directory commits and "Upstream-Regress-ID" for regress commits. To make it clear that the commit IDs do not refer to the same things, the new repository will instead use "OpenBSD-ID" and "OpenBSD-Regress-ID" tags instead. Apart from being a longwinded explanation of what is going on, this commit message also serves to synchronise our tools with the state of the tree, which happens to be: OpenBSD-ID: 9c43a9968c7929613284ea18e9fb92e4e2a8e4c1 OpenBSD-Regress-ID: b33b385719420bf3bc57d664feda6f699c147fef
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+# Commit IDs against the new CVS->GIT translation go here (and delete this line)
+Old upstream tree:
321065a95a7ccebdd5fd08482a1e19afbf524e35 Update DH groups
d4f699a421504df35254cf1c6f1a7c304fb907ca Remove 1k bit groups
aafe246655b53b52bc32c8a24002bc262f4230f7 Remove intermediate moduli