BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMissing space between macro arg and punctuation.Darren Tucker12 hours
V_8_6dependDamien Miller4 months
V_8_5Allow (but return EACCES) fstatat64 in sandbox.Darren Tucker5 months
V_8_4update version numbersDamien Miller10 months
V_8_6_P1commit e86968280e...Damien Miller4 months
V_8_5_P1commit d2afd717e6...Damien Miller5 months
V_8_4_P1commit 279261e1ea...Damien Miller10 months
V_8_3_P1commit 9ca7e9c861...Damien Miller14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-04-16dependV_8_6_P1V_8_6Damien Miller
2021-04-16crank version in README and RPM spec filesDamien Miller
2021-04-16upstream: do not pass file/func to monitor; noted by Ilja van Sprundel;
2021-04-14sshd don't exit on transient read errorsDamien Miller
2021-04-10perform report_failed_grab() inlineDamien Miller
2021-04-10dedicated gnome-ssk-askpass3 sourceDamien Miller
2021-04-08Ensure valgrind-out exists.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Pass OBJ to unit test make invocation.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Add pattern for valgrind-unit.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08Run unit tests under valgrind.Darren Tucker
2021-04-08ifdef out MIN and MAX.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Remove only use of warn().Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Move make_tmpdir() into portable-specific area.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07upstream: Add TEST_SSH_ELAPSED_TIMES environment variable to print
2021-04-07Move the TEST_SSH_PORT section down a bit.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07Further split Valgrind tests.Darren Tucker
2021-04-07upstream: include "ssherr.h" not <ssherr.h>; from Balu Gajjala
2021-04-07wrap struct rlimit in HAVE_GETRLIMIT tooDamien Miller
2021-04-07wrap getrlimit call in HAVE_GETRLIMIT; bz3291Damien Miller