BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupstream: Increase ConnectionAttempts from 4 to 10 as the testsdtucker@openbsd.org44 hours
V_8_6dependDamien Miller3 weeks
V_8_5Allow (but return EACCES) fstatat64 in sandbox.Darren Tucker8 weeks
V_8_4update version numbersDamien Miller7 months
V_8_6_P1commit e86968280e...Damien Miller3 weeks
V_8_5_P1commit d2afd717e6...Damien Miller2 months
V_8_4_P1commit 279261e1ea...Damien Miller7 months
V_8_3_P1commit 9ca7e9c861...Damien Miller11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2003-09-17rpm spec versionsV_3_7_1_P1Damien Miller
2003-09-17 - (djm) OpenBSD SyncDamien Miller
2003-09-16reset release numbers to 1V_3_7_P1Damien Miller
2003-09-16 - (djm) Banish sprintf from auth-pam.c. Patch from balDamien Miller
2003-09-15[] Fix portability issues.Tim Rice
2003-09-16releaseDamien Miller
2003-09-16 - (djm) Crank spec versionsDamien Miller
2003-09-16 - 2003/09/16 03:03:47Ben Lindstrom
2003-09-16Fix line widthDarren Tucker
2003-09-16 - (dtucker) [acconfig.h defines.h session.c] Bug #252: RetrieveDarren Tucker
2003-09-14 - (dtucker) [regress/Makefile] AIX's make doesn't like " +=", so replaceDarren Tucker
2003-09-14 - (dtucker) [Makefile regress/Makefile] Fix portability issues preventingDarren Tucker
2003-09-13Add extern __progname, needed if SSHD_PAM_SERVICE not definedDarren Tucker
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [auth-pam.c] Use SSHD_PAM_SERVICE for PAM service name, patchDarren Tucker
2003-09-12[] define WITH_ABBREV_NO_TTY for SCO. Report by Roger Cornelius.Tim Rice
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [auth-passwd.c] On AIX, call setauthdb() before loginsuccess(),Darren Tucker
2003-09-13 - (dtucker) [regress/] Timeout of 5 sec is borderline forDarren Tucker
2003-09-12[regress/] shell portability fix.Tim Rice
2003-09-12[] only mkdir regress if it does not exist.Tim Rice
2003-09-12[regress/] sh doesn't like "if ! shell_function; then".Tim Rice