BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupstream: Include cipher.h for declaration of cipher_by_name.dtucker@openbsd.org27 hours
V_8_4update version numbersDamien Miller2 months
V_8_3dependDamien Miller6 months
V_8_2upstream: no-touch-required certificate option should be andjm@openbsd.org9 months
V_8_4_P1commit 279261e1ea...Damien Miller2 months
V_8_3_P1commit 9ca7e9c861...Damien Miller6 months
V_8_2_P1commit 8aa3455b16...Damien Miller10 months
V_8_1_P1commit cdf1d0a9f5...Damien Miller14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2000-11-06Prepare for releaseV_2_3_0_P1Damien Miller
2000-11-06Whoops, forgot changelogDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Fix multiple dependancy on gnome-libs from Pekka SavolaDamien Miller
2000-11-06Remove UPGRADING from spec filesDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Remove UPGRADING document in favour of a link to the betterDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Manually fix up missed diff hunks (mainly RCS idents)Damien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Use Jim's new 1.0.3 askpass in Redhat RPMsDamien Miller
2000-11-05 - (bal) Missed auth-skey.o in and minor correction toBen Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (stevesk) pty.c: use __hpux to identify HP-UX.Kevin Steves
2000-11-05 - (bal) Reworked NEWS-OS and NeXT ports to extract waitpid() andBen Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (bal) auth2-skey.c - Checked in. Missing from portable tree.Ben Lindstrom
2000-11-05 - (bal) Sync with OpenBSD:Ben Lindstrom
2000-10-30 - (bal) next-posix.h - spelling and forgot a prototypeBen Lindstrom
2000-10-29 - (bal) Resolved more $xno and $xyes issues in configure.inBen Lindstrom
2000-10-29 - (stevesk) Create contrib/cygwin/ directory; patch fromKevin Steves
2000-10-29 - (stevesk) Fix typo in auth.c: USE_PAM not PAMKevin Steves
2000-10-28fixDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) authctxt->pw may be NULL. Fix from Markus FriedlDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) Sync with OpenBSD:Damien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) Fix mangled AIXAUTHENTICATE codeDamien Miller