BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInclude string.h and stdio.h for strerror.Darren Tucker2 days
V_8_8initgroups needs grp.hDamien Miller3 weeks
V_8_7Increment nfds when coming from startup_pipe.Darren Tucker6 weeks
V_8_6dependDamien Miller6 months
V_8_8_P1commit bf944e3794...Damien Miller3 weeks
V_8_7_P1commit e1a596186c...Damien Miller8 weeks
V_8_6_P1commit e86968280e...Damien Miller6 months
V_8_5_P1commit d2afd717e6...Damien Miller8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2000-07-11Added missing ;ABOUT_TO_ADD_INET_ATONDamien Miller
2000-07-11Prepare for 2.1.1p3Damien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) Replaced bsd-snprintf.c with one from Mutt source tree, it is knownDamien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) Fix broken inet_ntoa check and ut_user/ut_name confusion, reportDamien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) NeXT: dirent structures to get scp working from Ben LindstromDamien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) ReliantUNIX support from Udo Schweigert <>Damien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) Fixup for AIX getuserattr() support from Tom BertelsonDamien Miller
2000-07-09oops, forgot the ChangelogDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) AIX getuserattr() session initialisation from Tom BertelsonDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) More NeXT compatibility from Ben Lindstrom <>Damien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Fix pam sprintf fixDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Replace ut_name with ut_user. Patch from Jim WattDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Missing $(DESTDIR) on host-key target causing problems with RPMDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Match prototype and function declaration for rresvport_af.Damien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Only enable PAM_TTY kludge for Linux. Problem report fromDamien Miller
2000-07-08 - (djm) Don't use inet_addr.Damien Miller
2000-07-08 - (djm) Handle EWOULDBLOCK returns from read() and write() in atomicio.cDamien Miller
2000-07-08*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2000-07-08 - (djm) Fix incorrect configure handling of --with-rsh-path option. Fix fromDamien Miller
2000-07-08 - (djm) Fix bad fprintf format handling in auth-pam.c. Patch fromDamien Miller