BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInclude string.h and stdio.h for strerror.Darren Tucker37 hours
V_8_8initgroups needs grp.hDamien Miller3 weeks
V_8_7Increment nfds when coming from startup_pipe.Darren Tucker5 weeks
V_8_6dependDamien Miller6 months
V_8_8_P1commit bf944e3794...Damien Miller3 weeks
V_8_7_P1commit e1a596186c...Damien Miller8 weeks
V_8_6_P1commit e86968280e...Damien Miller6 months
V_8_5_P1commit d2afd717e6...Damien Miller8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
37 hoursInclude string.h and stdio.h for strerror.HEADmasterDarren Tucker
38 hoursInclude error reason if trace disabling fails.Darren Tucker
4 daysAdd tcmalloc test target.Darren Tucker
7 daysupstream: Document that CASignatureAlgorithms, ExposeAuthInfo
9 daysSkip SK unit tests when built without security-keyDarren Tucker
9 daysInclude relevant env vars on command line.Darren Tucker
9 daysOnly enable sk-* key types if ENABLE_SK is definedDarren Tucker
10 daysDisable security key on minix3.Darren Tucker
10 daysAdd USE_LIBC_SHA2 for (at least) NetBSD 9.Darren Tucker
10 daysDefine OPENSSL_NO_SHA including OpenSSL from test.Darren Tucker
10 daysDisable security key on NetBSD4 test.Darren Tucker
10 daysclean regress/misc/sk-dummy in cleandir targetDamien Miller
10 daysupstream: Dynamically allocate encoded HashKnownHosts and free
10 daysupstream: use libc SHA256 functions; make this work when
10 daysupstream: Add test for ssh hashed known_hosts
11 daysfix broken OPENSSL_HAS_ECC testDamien Miller
2021-10-01make work without libcrypto installedDamien Miller
2021-10-01make OPENSSL_HAS_ECC checks more thoroughDamien Miller
2021-10-01fix FIDO key support for !OPENSSL_HAS_ECC caseDamien Miller
2021-10-01enable security key support for --without-opensslDamien Miller