BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupstream: include pid in LogVerbose spamdjm@openbsd.org3 days
V_8_6dependDamien Miller4 weeks
V_8_5Allow (but return EACCES) fstatat64 in sandbox.Darren Tucker2 months
V_8_4update version numbersDamien Miller7 months
V_8_6_P1commit e86968280e...Damien Miller4 weeks
V_8_5_P1commit d2afd717e6...Damien Miller2 months
V_8_4_P1commit 279261e1ea...Damien Miller7 months
V_8_3_P1commit 9ca7e9c861...Damien Miller12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysupstream: include pid in LogVerbose
3 daysupstream: don't sigdie() in signal handler in privsep child process;
5 daysupstream: Increase ConnectionAttempts from 4 to 10 as the
6 daysupstream: dump out a usable private key string too; inspired by
6 daysupstream: correct mistake in spec - the private key blobs are
8 daysupstream: Don't pass NULL as a string in debugging as it does not
10 daysupstream: more debugging for UpdateHostKeys signature
11 daysAdd obsd69 test target.Darren Tucker
13 daysupstream: a little debugging in the main mux process for
13 daysupstream: Remove now-unused skey function prototypes leftover
14 daysWrap sntrup761x25519 inside ifdef.Darren Tucker
14 daysAdd status badges for Actions-based tests.Darren Tucker
2021-04-28Add obsdsnap (OpenBSD snapshot) test target.Darren Tucker
2021-04-28Add test building upstream OpenBSD source.Darren Tucker
2021-04-27Test against OpenSSL 1.1.0h instead of 1.1.0g.Darren Tucker
2021-04-27Use the default VM type for libcrypto ver tests.Darren Tucker
2021-04-27Always build OpenSSL shared.Darren Tucker
2021-04-27Fix custom OpenSSL tests.Darren Tucker
2021-04-26Export CC and CFLAGS for c89 test.Darren Tucker
2021-04-26Add c89 here too.Darren Tucker