BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupstream: clarify that BatchMode applies to all interactive promptsdjm@openbsd.org18 min.
V_8_1Deny (non-fatal) ipc in preauth privsep child.Jeremy Drake3 weeks
V_8_0upstream: process agent requests for RSA certificate private keys usingdjm@openbsd.org7 months
V_7_9upstream: Request RSA-SHA2 signatures fordjm@openbsd.org13 months
V_8_1_P1commit cdf1d0a9f5...Damien Miller4 months
V_8_0_P1commit fd0fa130ec...Damien Miller9 months
V_7_9_P1commit aede1c3424...Damien Miller15 months
V_7_8_P1commit 71508e06fa...Damien Miller17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 min.upstream: clarify that BatchMode applies to all interactive
18 min.upstream: tidy headers; some junk snuck into sshbuf-misc.c
25 min.dependDamien Miller
34 min.upstream: improve the error message for u2f enrollment errors
34 min.upstream: factor out reading/writing sshbufs to
38 min.upstream: add a comment describing the ranges of channel IDs
38 min.upstream: make sshd_config:ClientAliveCountMax=0 disable
38 min.upstream: clarify order of AllowUsers/DenyUsers
17 hoursupstream: when AddKeysToAgent=yes is set and the key contains
17 hoursupstream: group14-sha1 is no longer a default
17 hoursupstream: reword HashKnownHosts description a little more;
17 hoursupstream: weaken the language for what HashKnownHosts provides
17 hoursupstream: the GatewayPorts vs -R listen address selection logic
18 hoursupstream: mention that permitopen=/PermitOpen do no name to
18 hoursinclude tunnel device path in error messageDamien Miller
19 hoursupstream: unrevert
20 hoursupstream: Move setting $NC into test-exec since it's now used
22 hoursPut EC key export inside OPENSSL_HAS_ECC.Darren Tucker
23 hoursupstream: Wait a bit longer for the multiplex master to become
23 hoursupstream: Add a connection test for proxycommand. This would