BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImport regenerated moduli file.Darren Tucker2 hours
V_8_1Fix ifdef typo for declaration of memmem.Darren Tucker12 days
V_8_0upstream: process agent requests for RSA certificate private keys usingdjm@openbsd.org4 months
V_7_9upstream: Request RSA-SHA2 signatures fordjm@openbsd.org10 months
V_8_1_P1commit cdf1d0a9f5...Damien Miller13 days
V_8_0_P1commit fd0fa130ec...Damien Miller6 months
V_7_9_P1commit aede1c3424...Damien Miller12 months
V_7_8_P1commit 71508e06fa...Damien Miller14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 hoursImport regenerated moduli file.HEADmasterDarren Tucker
6 daysupstream: potential NULL dereference for revoked hostkeys;
6 daysupstream: free buf before return; reported by krishnaiah
8 daysupstream: memleak in error path; spotted by oss-fuzz, ok
11 daysRe-add SA_RESTART to mysignal.Darren Tucker
12 daysFix ifdef typo for declaration of memmem.Darren Tucker
13 daysUpdate README.mdAbhishek Arya
13 daysadd a fuzzer for private key parsingDamien Miller
13 daysprepare for 8.1 releaseV_8_1_P1Damien Miller
13 daysupstream:
13 daysupstream: fix an unreachable integer overflow similar to the
13 daysupstream: fix integer overflow in XMSS private key
13 daysupstream: Correct type for end-of-list sentinel; fixes
13 daysupstream: reversed test yielded incorrect debug
13 daysdependDamien Miller
13 daysMake MAKE_CLONE no-op macro more correct.Darren Tucker
13 dayswrap stdint.h include in HAVE_STDINT_HDamien Miller
2019-10-08avoid "return (value)" in void-declared functionDamien Miller
2019-10-08Make DEF_WEAK more likely to be correct.Darren Tucker
2019-10-07upstream: Instead of running sed over the whole log to remove CRs,