BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupstream: no need to allocate channels_pre/channels_post indjm@openbsd.org6 days
V_7_9fix configure test for OpenSSL versionDamien Miller3 weeks
V_7_8shorten temporary SSH_REGRESS_TMP pathDamien Miller4 months
V_7_7upstream: relax checking of authorized_keys environment="..."djm@openbsd.org6 months
V_7_9_P1commit aede1c3424...Damien Miller8 weeks
V_7_8_P1commit 71508e06fa...Damien Miller4 months
V_7_7_P1commit a0349a1cc4...Damien Miller8 months
V_7_6_P1commit 66bf74a921...Damien Miller14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysupstream: no need to allocate channels_pre/channels_post
6 daysupstream: don't attempt to connect to empty SSH_AUTH_SOCK;
6 daysupstream: don't truncate user or host name in "user@host'
6 daysupstream: tweak previous;
2018-11-25Include stdio.h for FILE if needed.Darren Tucker
2018-11-25Reverse order of OpenSSL init functions.Darren Tucker
2018-11-25Improve OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms check.Darren Tucker
2018-11-23upstream: add a ssh_config "Match final"
2018-11-23upstream: Remove now-unneeded ifdef SIGINFO around handler since it
2018-11-23Move RANDOM_SEED_SIZE outside ifdef.Darren Tucker
2018-11-23Resync with OpenBSD by pulling in an ifdef SIGINFO.Darren Tucker
2018-11-23fix configure test for OpenSSL versionDamien Miller
2018-11-23refactor libcrypto initialisationDamien Miller
2018-11-22upstream: Output info on SIGUSR1 as well
2018-11-22upstream: Append pid to temp files in /var/run and set a
2018-11-22upstream: UsePrivilegeSeparation no is
2018-11-22upstream: add some
2018-11-22Resync with upstream.Darren Tucker
2018-11-19upstream: silence (to log level debug2) failure messages
2018-11-19upstream: Fix inverted logic for redirecting ProxyCommand stderr