AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysupstream: hash full host:port when asked to hash output, fixes
4 daysupstream: improve the testing of credentials against inserted
4 daysupstream: move check_sk_options() up so we can use it
4 daysupstream: ssh-rsa is no longer in the default
4 daysupstream: don't put the tty into raw mode when SessionType=none,
7 daysprevious commit broke bcrypt_pbkdf()Damien Miller
7 daysFix typo in Neils' name.Darren Tucker
8 dayssync bcrypt-related files with OpenBSDDamien Miller
8 daysdependDamien Miller
8 daysupstream: sshsig: return "key not found" when searching empty
8 daysupstream: ssh-keygen -Y match-principals doesn't accept any
8 daysupstream: fix indenting in last
8 daysupstream: missing initialisation for
8 daysCorrect ifdef to activate poll() only if needed.Darren Tucker
9 daysupstream: whitespac
9 daysupstream: regression test for match-principals. Mostly by
9 daysupstream: Add ssh-keygen -Y match-principals operation to
9 daysupstream: debug("func: ...") -> debug_f("...")
2021-11-19Allow for fd = -1 in compat ppoll overflow check.Darren Tucker
2021-11-19Don't auto-enable Capsicum sandbox on FreeBSD 9/10.Darren Tucker
2021-11-19upstream: regression test for ssh-keygen -Y find-principals fix;
2021-11-19upstream: less confusing debug message;
2021-11-19upstream: avoid xmalloc(0) for PKCS#11 keyid for ECDSA keys (
2021-11-19upstream: ssh-keygen -Y find-principals was verifying key
2021-11-18Correct calculation of tv_nsec in poll().Darren Tucker
2021-11-18Add compat implementation of ppoll using pselect.Darren Tucker
2021-11-18Put poll.h inside ifdef HAVE_POLL_H.Darren Tucker
2021-11-18upstream: check for POLLHUP wherever we check for
2021-11-18upstream: fd leak in sshd listen loop error path; from
2021-11-18upstream: check for POLLHUP as well as POLLIN in sshd listen loop;
2021-11-18upstream: check for POLLHUP as well as POLLIN, handle transient
2021-11-18adjust seccomp filter for select->poll conversionDamien Miller
2021-11-18update dependsDamien Miller
2021-11-18compat for timespecsub() and friendsDamien Miller
2021-11-18upstream: set num_listen_socks to 0 on close-all instead of -1,
2021-11-18upstream: use ppoll() instead of pselect() with
2021-11-18upstream: match .events with .fd
2021-11-18upstream: convert select() to poll() ok
2021-11-18upstream: replace select() with ppoll(), including
2021-11-18upstream: It really looks like pledge "stdio dns" is
2021-11-18upstream: aggressively pre-fill the pollfd array with
2021-11-18upstream: Convert from select() to ppoll(). Along the way,
2021-11-12Switch from LibreSSL 3.4.0 to 3.4.1.Darren Tucker
2021-11-10upstream: add the
2021-11-10upstream: fix ssh-keysign for KEX algorithms that use SHA384/
2021-11-10upstream: improve error message when trying to expand a ~user
2021-11-10Don't trust closefrom() on Linux.Darren Tucker
2021-11-06upstream: Plug a couple of minor mem leaks. From beldmit
2021-11-06upstream: move cert_filter_principals() to earlier in the file
2021-11-06upstream: Many downstreams expect ssh to compile as